A New Pokemon Was Spotted In Teaser For Next Year’s Pokemon Movie


Attendees who watched the latest Pokemon movie, Hoopa & The Clash of Ages, in Japan are reporting that a new Pokemon was revealed during a teaser for next year’s movie. We don’t have an image captured of what the Pokemon looked like, but we do have a description and a mock-up image. The Pokemon was described as being bright green with one eye larger than the other. Also its eye looked through the O of the word Pokemon and then it blobbed about. The Pokemon revealed is either a new one or an alternative form for an existing one. Hopefully we should get a proper image of the Pokemon snapped by someone.

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Decide Which Pokemon You Would Like To See As Support In Pokken Tournament

Yes, you can now decide which Pokemon you would like to see as support Pokemon in the just released Pokken Tournament. The developers have taken to Twitter to ask users to decide on which specific Pokemon should be featured as support characters. To be part of it all you need to do is follow the Pokken Tournament Twitter and tweet using the hashtag “#ポッ拳”(#Pokken in Japanese) followed by the name of a Pokemon you’d like to see as a support character. Pretty simple! And the campaign will run until July 23rd.

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Ojimon Developer Thinks Pokemon Revolves Around Slavery

Japanese developer Keita Hirose thinks that the concept behind Pokemon revolves around slavery. According to the developer, Pokemon are forced into slavery after having been battled against and captured by trainers, who can then use the Pokemon they own to their advantage. Keita Hirose has come up with a mobile game called Ojimon, which seems to poke fun at the Pokemon series by having Pokemon’s faces swapped with those of weary-looking middle-aged men that can be captured and forced to work in labor camps.

CoroCoro Has Teased A Mysterious Pokemon Which Could Be A New Zygarde Form


The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication CoroCoro has revealed what appears to be a mysterious new Pokemon. Speculation is rife regarding who or what it could be. The general consensus points towards it being a new Zygarde form. The teaser image is part of the Pokémon the Movie XY 2016 trailer which will be released soon.

Pokken Tournament Isn’t For Children; Possible Western Release

Pokken Tournament, the Bandai Namco Tekken-Pokemon hybrid, is being made with adults in mind. This comes by way of interviews on Imagine-Nation with The Pokemon Company’s President Tsunskazy Ishihara and Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada.

Considering that many of the people in the generation who experienced Red and Green are now nearing their thirties, and those who were in elementary school then are now in university, we aimed to make a game for those who grew up playing Pokémon—rather than just target children, The bottom line is, we want to show adults that this is the new Pokémon, and get them to play.

Adding onto that comment, Ishihara let fans know that possibility exists that Pokken Tournament will have an overseas release. However, there is no word on whether the game will be making it to our home consoles, however the games hit arcades July 16th in Japan.

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There’s A Pokken Tournament Livestream Happening On July 3rd

Those of you who are looking forward to Pokken Tournament may want to consider tuning into a NicoNico livestream that is happening on July 3rd. The event will be a chance for Bandai Namco to announce when the arcade machines will make their debut in Japan. The company is also expected to reveal new Pokemon who will be added to the lineup as well as giving us more information about the game. The livestream will also feature a tournament of guests using Gengar and various other Pokemon characters. Here’s the time it will begin.

  • 12:00 BST, 13:00 CEST, 20:00 JST, 07:00 EDT and 04:00 PDT


Hoopa And Shiny Legendary Pokemon Debut In Pokemon TCG: XY – Ancient Origins

The next expansion in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon TCG: XY—Ancient Origins, will hit retail stores nationwide on August 12. The expansion introduces 8 Pokémon-EX cards and 3 Mega Pokémon-EX cards including Mega Tyranitar-EX. Hoopa-EX will also make its grand entrance along with 11 new full-art Pokémon-EX cards including Shiny Primal Kyogre-EX, Shiny Primal Groudon-EX, and Shiny Mega Rayquaza-EX. The all-new expansion brings 90 new cards to the table, including 14 Trainer Cards.