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Here’s What Google Mailed Its ‘Pokemon Masters’


You might remember that back on April 1st Google Maps had been completely taken over by Pokemon. Google asked the world to sort through Google Maps and discover all 151 Pokemon in an effort to be crowned Pokemon Master by Google. Now the internet giant has begun mailing those that discovered all the Pokemon this lovely letter and personal business card.

Greetings, Pokémon Master

On behalf of the entire Google Maps team, we’d like to celebrate you for catching ‘em all. Not 10, not 50, but all the Pokémon hidden throughout our maps. While we don’t currently have a Pokémon Master role, we hope you enjoyed our April Fools’ Day prank. Wynaut have a little fun once a year?

We’d like to say thanks with these cards – reserved for Trainers who completed the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge and let us know of their success.

Congratulations and thanks again for playing!

Keep Exploring,

Tatsuo on behalf of the Google Maps Team


Canada Won’t Be Getting Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire At Same Time As US

JoeM86 from the NeoGAF forums has done a little digging and it appears as though Canada won’t be receiving Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at the same time as the United States. Gamers in the US will get the game on November 21st and Europe will get the game on November 28th. It’s possible Canada will get it at the same time as Europe, but it’s not confirmed.

Thanks to those who sent this in.


Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire CoroCoro Reveals, Includes New Mega Evolutions And ORAS Details


The latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro magazine has leaked onto the web and it contains plenty of new information related to Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Here’s some of the exciting information contained within the latest issue.

  • Mega Sceptile= Grass/Dragon. Ability is Lightingrod.
  • Mega Swampert= Water/Ground. Ability is Swift Swim
  • Mega Diancie= Rock/Fairy. Ability is as yet unknown.
  • New Kyorge and Groudon Megas= Primal/Prehistoric Kyorge, Primal/Prehistoric Groudon. Said to be regressions.
  • Steven, Team Aqua and Magma confirmed for ORAS. Steven has a Mega Charizard X, and is looking for the secret of Mega Evolution. The Leaders Maxie and Archie return, along with Magma admins Courtney and Tabitha, and Aqua admins Matt and Shelly.
  • Main character designs slightly altered from Emerald.
  • You get given another Mega-enabling item ingame- this time, the Mega Bangle.

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Information Coming June 15th

An upcoming episode of Pokemon Get TV will contain plenty of new information regarding Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. The episode will air on June 15th and promises a large scoop. More Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire will also appear in CoroCoro magazine, due out at the end of next week. However, it’s thought that this information is likely to be based on the info from the Pokemon Get TV episode. Both games are due out in November.

Thanks, Portal Dark


Pokemon Streaming US National Championships Live For First Time On Twitch

he Pokémon Company International announced today that the 2014 Pokémon US National Championships, taking place July 4–6 in Indianapolis, Indiana, will be streamed live for the first time, featuring two days of coverage of the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video game and Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) competitions. The 2014 Pokémon World Championships, taking place August 16–17 in Washington, DC, will also be streamed live. Fans can follow the action from both events at Twitch.tv/Pokemon.

Visit Twitch.tv/Pokemon at the following times to watch the 2014 Pokémon US National Championships:

  • Saturday, July 5, noon–5 p.m. EDT: Pokémon Video Game Swiss Rounds
  • Saturday, July 5, 5–9 p.m. EDT: Pokémon TCG Swiss Rounds
  • Sunday, July 6, 9 a.m.–2 p.m. EDT: Pokémon TCG Top Cut and Finals
  • Sunday, July 6, 2–5 p.m. EDT: Pokémon Video Game Top Cut and Finals

Competitors and fans attending the US National Championships can get a special Shiny Mamoswine for their video game. This powerful Pokémon is similar to the Mamoswine used by 2013 Pokémon World Champion Arash Omatti, the first Pokémon video game World Champion from Italy. The Level 50 Shiny Mamoswine has an Adamant Nature, comes with the Thick Fat Ability, and holds a Choice Scarf item. This Mamoswine also knows the following moves: Icicle Spear, Earthquake, Icicle Crash, and Rock Slide. Those attending the US National Championships and interested in receiving this Mamoswine will need to bring their own copy of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y and their own system in the Nintendo 3DS family.

The US National Championships is open to all Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video game players. Pokémon TCG players in the Junior and Senior Divisions must have earned 5 Play. Points during the current Pokémon Championship Series season in order to compete, and Masters Division players must have earned 10 Play! Points. Qualified players interested in preregistering to attend the 2014 Pokémon US National Championships can now conveniently and quickly do so at the following link: http://2014.registration.pokemon.com.

Nearly 500 Pokémon video game and TCG players have already received Travel Awards or Travel Stipends to the 2014 Pokémon US National Championships based on the Championship Points they earned throughout the year at city, state, and regional events. Altogether, more than $300,000 in Travel Awards and Travel Stipends have been awarded to competitors attending the US National Championships this year by The Pokémon Company International.