Nintendo: “Without Ongoing Innovation, Even Mario And Pokémon Would Have Lost Their Popularity Long Before”

Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata thinks that people who say Nintendo lacks innovation might be making judgments on the company’s games without actually trying them out. According to Iwata, Nintendo continuously innovates with every sequel to the Pokémon and Mario series. Iwata claims that if Nintendo hasn’t been innovating its two flagship franchises, Mario and Pokémon would have lost their popularity a long time ago.

“…I wish business in the entertainment industry were so easy and lucrative that we could make a brand-new title as big of a blockbuster as Mario and Pokémon just by keeping the package of the game next to the packages of Mario or Pokémon games on the shelves in retail stores. We have to take one step at a time for a completely new big hit, but it is true that our products might be stereotyped if we don’t add to our lineup.”

“One thing I would like to add, though, is that it might be true that Mario and Pokémon are franchises with long histories and tradition behind them, but we are trying to push the boundaries every time we develop a series title. In other words, the reason Pokémon has been continuously popular for about 15 years and Mario for almost 30 years now is that each sequel has something novel. So I frankly think that those who assume that Nintendo lacks innovation might be making judgments by looking at our game titles without actually experiencing them. Without ongoing innovation, even Mario and Pokémon would have lost their popularity long before.”