R4 Cartridges Are Now Blocked In Japan

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has announced that R4 cartridges – which allow users to play pirated games – are now strictly prohibited by law. R4 cards have already been banned in the United Kingdom and France where they became immensely popular. It seems as though Nintendo lead the cry for the importation of R4 cards to be banned in Japan.

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Nintendo DS: Nintendo Gains 4.8m Million In Piracy Battle, Bans R4 Flash Carts

Nintendo has successfully managed to ban R4 Flash Carts in France. The R4 cards are already banned in the United Kingdom but according to a press release issued by Nintendo today, they’re now officially banned in France. The Court has imposed over 460,000 Euro in criminal fines, damages payable to Nintendo in excess of 4.8 million Euros and, in some instances, ordered suspended prison terms.

“Nintendo supported this criminal action not only for the company’s sake, but for the interests of its game developer partners who spend time and money legitimately developing software for Nintendo’s game platforms, and customers who expect the highest standards and integrity from products bearing the Nintendo name.”

– Stephan Bole, Managing Director of Nintendo France.

Nintendo Ds: Nintendo Scares Retailers Stocking R4 Cartridges


Numerous stores throughout Akihabara, Japan are notifying potential customers that they’ll no longer be selling R4 carts.

Unsurprisingly Nintendo have come down like a mighty ton of bricks on Japanese retailers caught selling the infamous R4 cartridge, in turn this has seen many of the stores displaying notification signs stating they no longer stock the prominent product.