Video: “Rare Revealed: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Battletoads”

Ever since the extremely successful Rare Replay hit store shelves, the legendary developer has been vocal about its history. Yet another video has been released in this light, and it covers five previously unknown facts about one of Rare’s most popular franchises: Battle Toads. If you want to hear a couple of seasoned developers discuss scrapped levels, cancelled games, and the early struggles of developing the classic beat ’em up, check out the video below.



Video: Here’s A Look At The History Behind Rare

YouTube channel UnboxedTV has taken an extensive look at the history behind one of the most iconic gaming studios, Rare. The video covers everything from the Ultimate days on the ZX Spectrum to the emergence of Banjo Kazooie and Conker on the Nintendo 64. If you have fond memories of the British development studio then you will probably want to give it a watch as it’s well researched and rather interesting.

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Video: Jet Force Gemini Game Boy Color Intro

As some of you older gamers may know, there was once a fabled Game Boy Color counterpart being developed for Rare’s N64 classic, Jet Force Gemini. The title was supposedly being built by developer Bit Studios, and was to include an isometric 2D view and gameplay similar to the original. Rare was rumored to be overseeing the project. However, up until now, there were only ever rumors of the games existence, supported by unverifiable screenshots. However, a video has now surfaced showing the intro to the handheld version of the game–and may I say it looks damn good for a Game Boy Color title. You can see what I mean in the video below.

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Rare Shows Off Footage Of Dream On Nintendo 64 And SNES

With Christmas fast approaching, Rare has given its fans a treat in the form of video footage of Dream, the fabled precursor to Banjo-Kazooie. We’ve never had a chance to see the game in action so it’s an exciting moment for those of you who have enjoyed Rare’s games on Nintendo platforms.

Rare Reconfirms Rare Replay Is Staying On Xbox One

Quite a few people got rather excited when the official Microsoft Studios blog suggested that people contact Rare to find out whether they could bring the glorious Rare Replay collection to the Wii U. Today, Rare has put its foot down and has said that the compilation is staying exclusive to the Xbox One along with its next project Sea of Thieves.

Microsoft Studios Says Thanks For The Suggestions Regarding Games For Wii U

We heard yesterday that Microsoft could be open to bringing Rare Replay over to the Wii U, but of course it wouldn’t be a simple matter. They suggested asking Rare whether it is something that they would like to do. Due to this news they were presumably flooded with requests for classic IP to come to Nintendo consoles. The official account took the brunt of this and said thanks to fans for all the suggestions, but they have nothing to announce other than Minecraft at this moment in time.

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Microsoft Studios Suggests Asking Rare Whether Rare Replay Comes To Wii U


In a surprising turn of events the official Microsoft Studios Twitter account doesn’t really have a problem with Rare Replay coming to the Wii U. The acclaimed collection of games which includes Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and many more shot to the top of the charts in the United Kingdom on release. The person responding on the Twitter account says that it is down to Rare, but it could be a little more complicated than that. Who knows? Would you like Rare Replay to come to the Wii U?