New Yooka-Laylee Character Revealed Plus Additional Development Details


One of the most exciting titles in development is Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee. The 3D platformer which has been created by some extremely talented ex-Rare developers looks very promising. The team provided a development update and also took time out to show off some glorious new artwork and a new non playable character. The non-playable character is a rather morbid new character who is a skeleton being spitroasted on a fire. The team says that the yet-to-be-named NPC will require Yooka and Laylee’s assistance on the very first world of the game.

“After just a few months the game’s various environments are taking shape and the very first world is fleshed out and running. This is one of the most challenging constructions of the project, since as well as the environment and challenges, we’ve also had to magic up the moves, animations and basic game mechanics required to make it all work.”

“One new character you may have spied in a recent issue of Edge is the slender lass below. Crayoned by our own Kev Bayliss, this yet-to-be-named NPC will require Yooka and Laylee’s assistance on the very first world of the game. Obviously she’s forgot to turn the iron off or something and they’ll need to go and get the spare keys off her landlord.”

“Top off our current dev progress with a roster of new tunes from Grant and Dave, and the embers of what will eventually become the final game are certainly dancing in the midnight air. We’ve got a long way to go before those youthful sparks become mighty flames worthy of your consumption (use gloves), but rest assured we’ll keep you regularly updated with new artwork and in-game glimpses until they are.”


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Video: A Rare Look at Twelve Tales: Conker 64

Rare has recently been releasing batches of unseen footage from a variety of projects that they have had in development to celebrate Rare Replay on Xbox One. The latest one is Twelve Tales: Conker 64 which was a less controversial game than Conker’s Bad fur Day. You can view some unreleased footage of charming 3D platformer below along with details of its interesting history.

Here’s A Look At The Scrapped Conker Game Conker: Gettin’ Medieval

Rare has decided to lift the lid on one of their secret projects for the Xbox that was canned. The game is Conker: Gettin’ Medieval and was initially planned to be a multiplayer experience with some thoroughly edgy characters. Rare says that the game wasn’t set to be a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day as many had presumed. There isn’t much gameplay footage, but there’s plenty of intriguing concept art shared.

Rare Developer Shares Early Look At King K.Rool From Donkey Kong Country

Long term Rare developer Gregg Mayles has shared some more concept art from the beloved Donkey Kong Country series. This time around Mr. Mayles has given us an early look at the villainous, King K.Rool. The concept art has been created by James Ryman and shows how Krudd has basically evolved into King K.Rool. You can check out some earlier designs from Donkey Kong Country, right here.

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Rare Developer Shows Off Various Donkey Kong Country Concept Art

Long standing Rare veteran Gregg Mayles has showcased various Donkey Kong Country concept art on his Twitter account. Mayles is known for showing off various Rare developed artwork and prototypes and the latest batch gives us a fascinating look at the creation of the acclaimed Donkey Kong Country series.

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Early Gamecube Prototype For Rare’s Kameo Unearthed

One of the games made by Rare for the Nintendo Gamecube was the beautiful Kameo. The game was originally in development for the platform, but after Microsoft purchased the developer it was later moved to the Xbox and Xbox 360. Very early footage of a prototype of Kameo has found its way online and gives us a look at how the game would have looked had it been on the Gamecube. There’s plenty of videos to watch if this takes your interest and you can view them all, here.

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Before Kazooie Early Banjo Had Dinger The Dog As His Companion

Rare designer Gregg Mayles has recently been divulging a treasure trove of information on his Twitter account. The latest revelation is that before Kazooie, Banjo had a dog as his companion. The dog’s name was Dinger the Dog and was designed by Steve Mayles. Another revelation is that Dinger the Dog was originally going to be in Dream before the project morphed into Banjo Kazooie.

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