Rayman Origins Demo Back On Nintendo eShop For 3DS

Although it has suffered multiple delays, Rayman Origins is still coming to Nintendo 3DS. The demo of the game, which was available for download earlier this year, is now back in the Nintendo eShop. The demo includes three levels from the full game, including Swinging Caves, Playing in the Shade, and Shooting Me Softly. The Nintendo 3DS version of Rayman Origins is supposed to be launching in North America on November 6th.

Rayman Origins 3DS Delayed Again

Rayman Origins for Nintendo 3DS was supposed to launch in North America on March 20th. The release date was then moved to June 5th. The Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing, Tony Key, recently confirmed to IGN that the game has been delayed again. The 3DS version of Rayman Origins is now delayed to November. Why is Ubisoft delaying this version of the game, again?

Amazon Changes Rayman 3DS Release Date To November

Popular online retailer Amazon has listed Ubisoft’s long-delayed Rayman Origins 3D with a November 6th release date. Developer Ubisoft previously said that the game will be available in North America on June 5th, which is the same day as Nintendo’s E3 press conference. Perhaps this has something with the recently released demo, which didn’t sit too well with gamers.

Rayman Origins 3DS Coming Out June 5, Might Be eShop Release

Ubisoft has reconfirmed that the previously delayed Rayman Origins for Nintendo 3DS will be arriving in North America on June 5th. Ubisoft stated in their press release that Rayman Origins will be available to purchase at retailers and online on June 5th. The interesting thing is that the game comes out the same day as Nintendo’s E3 press conference where they are expected to reveal more information about same day digital and retail releases.

“The full version of the game will be available at retailers and online on June 5, 2012.”

Rayman Origins 2 Confirmed Via A Ubisoft Survey

The fantastic Rayman Origins will receive a sequel according to a recent survey conducted by marketing firm Arkenford who regularly carry out surveys for Ubisoft. The survey points towards a sequel to Rayman Origins which retains the same four-player drop-in/drop-out gameplay of the original, but does away with the magical setting of the original and replaces it with something more familiar to Rayman fans.

Rayman Origins 3D Has Been Pushed Back To June Worldwide

We heard yesterday that Ubisoft had decided to delay Rayman Origins 3D till June in Europe, well now it appears that the company has decided to push Rayman Origins 3D back to June worldwide. Ubisoft wouldn’t reveal exactly why they’ve decided to delay the Nintendo 3DS version, even though the game is readily available to purchase on other formats.

Rayman Origins Was Actually Profitable For Ubisoft, More Games To Come?

Despite initial lacklustre sales for the superb Rayman Origins on Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 3DS, Ubisoft has surprisingly announced that the game was profitable for the company. Ubisoft wouldn’t provide exact sales figures for the game, but they did say that there’s a chance that the game will be a long-term seller for the company.