Rayman 3DS Collection Is Actually Rayman Origins, Rabbids Rumble And Rabbids Travel in Time 3D


Earlier today we posted that Amazon Germany had begun listing a Rayman Collection for the Nintendo 3DS. There wasn’t really any interesting details in the listing. However, it turns out the collection is legitimate and includes Rayman Origins, Rabbids Rumble, & Rabbids Travel in Time 3D. The official name of the bundle is Rayman & Rabbids Family Pack and it’s coming in either September or October.

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Amazon Germany Has Listed A Rayman Compilation For Nintendo 3DS

Although Rayman Origins wasn’t entirely well received on the Nintendo 3DS, it seems as though Ubisoft might be bringing more Rayman titles to the handheld. Amazon Germany have recently listed a Rayman Compilation for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a very early listing, and there’s no box-art to back it up, but I’m sure Nintendo 3DS owners wouldn’t grumble at a re-release of previous Rayman games.

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Nintendo Canada Confirms Rayman Won’t Be Playable In Smash Bros But Will Appear As A Trophy

Nintendo of Canada has confirmed to us that Rayman won’t be playable in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. However, the firm says that Rayman will appear as a trophy when the game launches later this year on both platforms.

“In the recent interview in Canada about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Rayman was mentioned, and this was referring to the previously announced Rayman trophy in the game.”

Nintendo Canada Employee Implies Rayman Is Playable In Super Smash Bros Wii U

Matt Ryan, who is in charge of Communications, Marketing and Partnerships at Nintendo of Canada, has mentioned in the recent video that Rayman will be playable in the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. You can hear his comments at the 1:50 mark in the video embedded above.

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Sakurai Reveals Rayman As A Trophy For Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. game director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Ubisoft’s limbless Rayman will be a trophy ahead of the playable character announcement later today. In his daily Miiverse post, Sakurai casually revealed the platform character to his followers, saying that Ubisoft’s designers had sent Nintendo a unique character model for Rayman.

It’s certainly an interesting move from Ubisoft, but let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember you can catch the live reveal at 3pm BST / 7am PDT today. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

“In order to make Rayman’s trophy, we asked Ubisoft to share their references. We were expecting to receive 2D drawing references for Rayman, but to our surprise, they sent us data of a brand new 3D model that they rendered for this game!! And that was how this trophy was created. It takes a lot of work creating each model, so it’s wonderful that the creators contributed their own efforts!!”

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Rayman Creator: Innovation Is Nintendo’s Greatest Strength And Weakness


While he views himself as an apprentice, Rayman creator Michel Ancel considers Shigeru Miyamoto a master. In an interview with ONM, Ancel spoke highly of both Miyamoto and Nintendo. Ancel has told the magazine that because Nintendo constantly tries to innovate, it is a company that takes a lot of risks. And risk-taking is necessary for any firm that wants to make changes in the video game industry, according to the designer. Ancel went on to say that Nintendo seems to be a leading provider of surprises, with unique software and devices like Miiverse and the Wii U GamePad.

“It’s very kind of you to have me with such talented people,” Ancel said. “But I really consider myself to be an apprentice, where Miyamoto is a master. Well, maybe an advanced apprentice!

“Nintendo’s greatest strength, and its greatest weakness, is innovation. It’s a company that takes a lot of risks. Few people understand that innovation involves risk-taking, because you don’t control everything on the market.

“Today, the biggest surprises seem to come from Nintendo. People may like those surprises or not, but that’s a fact. Miiverse was a surprise, the GamePad was a surprise. What will come next? I can’t wait!”