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Sickr Blog Redesign 2009


As you’ll have noticed I’ve gone and changed the theme of the site. The primary reason behind this aesthetic change is that the previous design hadn’t aged too well, which left it looking very ‘2007”.

The new design is pleasantly minimal and sports a clean uncluttered look, which I believe will improve the site’s readability – I hope I’m right on this one : )

One of the aspects you’ll notice is the header has three navigation tabs; the first being ‘Front Page’, the second being ‘Browse’ and the third being ‘Subscribe’, here’s a run-down of each of those:

  • Front Page simply takes you to the front page of the site, allowing you to go back to the main content and read the rest of the posts.
  • Browse allows you to view any posts that fits a particular category. For instance if you click ‘DSi’ you can then view all the posts I’ve categorized as DSi. Alternatively if you click PlayStation 3 you can then view all posts related to that particular console.
  • Subscribe allows you to subscribe to Sickr posts via a RSS reader. If you’re unfamiliar about RSS you can watch a RSS simplified video right here : ) RSS feeds are incredibly handy in keeping up with the deluge of news spurting forth from the Internet and allow you to read sites without having to visit them. If you haven’t already done so I’d urge you to check out Google Reader.

Thankfully you’ll be pleased to know that the search bar remains at the top right hand corner allowing you to search for any particular news, games or content featured within this blog, it actually works quite nicely so I’d highly suggest giving it a try.

If you’ve got any questions, hate the new design or have any suggestions then feel free to write a comment (hint: click the number to the right of the small speech bubble at the top of this post) : )

Thanks as always for reading

- Sickr