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Here’s The Debut Trailer For Xeodrifter From Renegade Kid On Nintendo 3DS, Could Come To Wii U

Xeodrifter is the story of an interstellar drifter traveling the stars on a simple mission of exploration. We join our nomad as he embarks on the investigation of a small cluster of four planets in the omega sector, after a collision with a rogue asteroid damages his warp core.

A scan of the neighboring planets reveals a number of energy signatures, which may provide the special material needed to replace the damaged warp core and get back to cruising through the cosmos. However, what began as a routine away-mission to fix his engine quickly spirals into a dangerous game of search, shoot, and survive.

Blast your way through alien landscapes, seek out valuable secrets, and defeat ancient guardians to unlock powers from a legendary supreme culture in this exciting journey of mystery and adventure.


Renegade Kid Announces Xeodrifter For Nintendo 3DS


Renegade Kid has unveiled its next project, Xeodrifter, for the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. The newly-announced game is a Metroidvania title that will offer a “bit-sized experience” to players. In a new development diary, the Mutant Mudds studio reassured fans that it hasn’t canned Treasurenauts, which is scheduled to launch after Xeodrifter makes its debut.

Before I get into the details our new game, I feel as though I should mention that Treasurenauts is still going to happen. I am really excited about Treasurenauts, and look forward to returning to it. I feel that I should also mention that we are not actively working on Cult County or the Razor game that we announced. Due to publisher issues outside of our control, it looks like the Razor game is dead for us. The good news is that we’re working on fewer games, which is always a good thing, right!?

I am a huge fan of Super Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission, and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, and have always wanted to develop a game in that sub-genre. The day finally came where the desire to develop it got too strong and I just had to act on it. Xeodrifter was born. It is completely separate from Moon Chronicles, and related in no way at all. Xeodrifter is a separate character and story. And don’t worry; we will get back to Treasurenauts once Xeodrifter is completed.

Xeodrifter is the story of an interstellar drifter traveling the stars on a mission of exploration. In this particular installment of the story, we join our nomad as he embarks on the exploration of small cluster of four planets in the omega sector, after a collision with a rogue asteroid damages his warp drive. A scan of the neighboring planets reveals a number of energy signatures on the planets that may provide the special material needed to fix his warp drive and get back to cruising through the cosmos.


Moon Chronicles Hits 3DS eShop On May 15, Plus New Trailer

Renegade Kid has today announced Moon Chronicles will release on the 3DS eShop next week. The first person shooter remake’s first episode will be priced at a moderate $8.99 for North American gamers, with the other three episodes as DLC priced at $1.99. Alongside the game’s release date confirmation, Renegade Kid has uploaded a gameplay trailer – shown above – for eager fans to feast their eyes on.

Though there’s no release date for European gamers as yet, Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham has said submission to Nintendo of Europe will be finalised when all episodes are completed. North American gamers can download Moon Chronicles when it hits the eShop on May 15.


Renegade Kid Teases “Stellar News” For Friday

Renegade Kid director Jools Watsham has teased that his company will share “some stellar news” this Friday, May 9. Whether the upcoming announcement pertains to Nintendo 3DS or Wii U has yet to be confirmed, though a tweet by Watsham suggests that it will be related to the forthcoming 3DS exclusive Moon Chronicles. Earlier this week, the developer revealed that it has a new 2D game in the works for 3DS.


Renegade Kid Creating “Experimental 2D Game For Nintendo 3DS” After Spectacular Kickstarter Failure

After their spectacular Kickstarter failure, Renegade Kid founder Jools Watsham said on Twitter that the team will concentrate on developing a new experimental 2D game for Nintendo 3DS. The team was originally going to produce Cult County, but the project received a meagre 10% of its lofty goal of $580,000.

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Renegade Kid’s Cult County Now Heading To 3DS

Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid has added the Nintendo 3DS as a platform choice for Cult County. The first-person survival horror game was originally due to launch on Nintendo’s current handheld, though disappeared as an option when the indie developer initiated its Kickstarter campaign.

In an update on the game’s Kickstarter page, Renegade Kid has shared delight in bringing back the 3DS as a platform choice, following an overwhelming amount of feedback from fans on Twitter. If Cult County meets its initial funding goal of $580,000, the Nintendo 3DS will join the Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and Steam as a platform choice. With 16 days to go, just under $40,000 sits in the funding pot – you can donate by visiting the game’s Kickstarter page, here.



Renegade Kid Cult County Now On Kickstarter Has Moved Platforms, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Steam, Vita

Cult County from Renegade Kid is now a Kickstarter title. The game was originally announced to be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, but it appears as though it’s no longer coming to that platform. The all-new first-person survival horror game will be coming to Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Steam. The game has a  $580,000 goal which has to be met within 29 days.

Cult County is an all-new first-person survival horror game that blends the episodic story-telling of The Walking Dead with the classic tension-filled exploration and action of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, presenting an opportunity for fans to help a veteran team produce a new experience that is fresh, exciting, and scary!

  • Rebirth of the survival horror FPS genre, crafted with fan input.
  • Story-driven gameplay, featuring memorable character interactions.
  • Small West Texas town filled with tension, mystery, and scares.
  • Vulnerable and personalized melee and firearm combat.
  • Varied cast of creepy enemy encounters and devious boss battles.