No Wii U Releases For M-Rated Rockstar Games, GTA V, WWE ’14?


A  4Chan user claims that publisher Take-Two Interactive has no plans to release Grand Theft Auto V, or any of its mature-rated games on Wii U. The user also claims that 2K Sports will not bring a WWE game to Wii U. Although rumors from 4Chan should be taken with a grain of salt, keep in mind that Grand Theft Auto V has not yet been announced for Wii U, and WWE ’13 skipped the Wii U last year.

Here is the entire quote taken from GoNintendo, before the 4Chan post went down:

There’s no plans to ever bring a WWE game to the Wii U anytime in the distant future. I know this information because a 3D Animator on the project. I am working directly with people like Jeff Godfrey who is the art director on the project. Visual Concepts and 2K Sports is working with Yukes on the project.

You may remember that Wii U never received WWE ’13 at launch while 360/PS3 did. Yukes has no interest in Wii U when they were working with THQ, and they still don’t now that they’re working with 2K Sports.

Also word around the offices is that Take Two and Rockstar have no plans to bring Grand Theft Auto or any of Rockstar’s major M rated games to the Wii U.

Rockstar Games Says It Has “Nothing New” To Share On Grand Theft Auto V For Wii U

grand_theft_auto_five_protagonistsLast week, on January 31st, Rockstar Games announced that its upcoming action-adventure video game, Grand Theft Auto V, will be released on September 17th for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The publisher has yet to confirm if the game will hit other platforms, and according to GameSpot, Rockstar Games said there’s “nothing new” to share about whether there will be a Wii U or PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar says “nothing new” to share about Grand Theft Auto V for Wii U or PC.

-GameSpot said, via Twitter

Grand Theft Auto 5 For Wii U Listed By Retailer

Based on a listing made by Swedish retailer CDON, Grand Theft Auto V is coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console, Wii U. Although the game was officially announced in October of last year, its publisher, Rockstar Games, hasn’t revealed which platforms it will be released on.