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Atlus Picks Up RPG Citizens Of Earth

Atlus has decided to publish the quirky comedy RPG Citizens of Earth. The game was originally flaunted on Kickstarter, but Atlus USA decided they wanted a piece of the pie and are now publishing the game. Citizens of Earth is coming digitally to PC, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS in both North America and Europe in 2014. You can watch a trailer of the game, above.

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Nintendo Launches New Website For Inazuma Eleven 3: Lightning Bolt & Bomb Blast

On Twitter today, Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo UK announced a new website for Level 5′s European football game, Inazuma Eleven 3: Lightning Bold & Bomb Blast. The new website takes gamers through the differences between the two versions of the game, while also talking about Inazume Eleven 3′s RPG elements and multiplayer mode, all while playing a triumphant piece from the game’s soundtrack.

Each of Inazuma Eleven 3′s two games follows a different character, Paolo Bianchi and Hector Helio, respectively. According to the website, gamers will “face different rivals depending on which game you choose. Also, there are unique players who only appear in one version the other. The only way to get all of them is to trade with someone else who has a different version.” Inazuma Eleven 3: Lightning Bolt & Bomb Blast will be released in Europe in just a few days, on September 27th.

Nicalis To Publish JRPG Grinsia For 3DS

Nicalis website

It seems the JRPG that Nicalis has been teasing on Twitter recently has finally been revealed. Sources are reporting that Nicalis, the critically acclaimed developer behind NightSky, has confirmed they will publish the former Android title Grinsia for the Nintendo 3DS. Originally an Android/iOS release by Kemco, Grinsia is a 16-bit style RPG. Nicalis’s Tyrone Rodriguez has hinted via Twitter that the new 3DS version will feature a revamped musical score. Nintendo has been picking up a healthy number of indie titles as of late, with Grinsia adding to a 3DS eShop that is already bursting at the seams.

3D Earthbound Inspired RPG Coming To Wii U eShop


Indie developer Ackkstudios has announced that they’re hard at work developing a 3D RPG inspired by Earthbound and The World Ends With You for the Wii U eShop. The codename for the game is Project Y2K. Not too much is known about the game, but the developer has created a teaser site for the forthcoming RPG. Here’s what the development team have been up to.

Before we begin to show more too much from this project, we feel it’s important that people know that Two Brothers is still our main project.We began Project Y2K before we started Two Brothers and put it on hold to finish Two Brothers, as it was a smaller project.

Everyone who has completed work on Two Brothers is now working on Project Y2K… so that’s about a third of the AckkStudios Team.

Now that Two Brothers is nearing completion, we felt it was time to return to Project Y2K.

Project Y2K currently exists in a few forms… concept art, a finalized script/story line, a completed graphics/gameplay engine.

As for the title Project Y2K, we can tell you that the reason we’ve chosen this project name is because the game will begin January 1st 1999 at 12:02 AM…

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Atlus And Nintendo’s Wii U Crossover Title Is An RPG

shin_megami_charactersShin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem was revealed during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct online presentation. So far, little is known about the newly announced title; however, we do know that it will feature characters from Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei series and Nintendo’s Fire Emblem franchise. And although Fire Emblem titles are classified as strategy role-playing games, the crossover will be a role-playing game, according to Index. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will be released on the Wii U console.

Fantasy Life For Nintendo 3DS – First 55 Minutes

Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Fantasy Life launches today in Japan. The role-playing game is developed by Level-5 and Brownie Brown, which is a Nintendo-owned studio.

At the start of the game, players choose how they want their character to look. For example, you can choose whether you want to play as a boy or girl, and you can select from a variety of features, including different hairstyles, eyes and noses, to make your character suit your style.

There is no confirmation, yet, on whether Fantasy Life will be released in the West.

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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Sequel Already Planned

bravely_default_flying_fairy_charactersOne of Square Enix’s latest Nintendo 3DS role-playing games, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, launched two months ago in Japan. The game hasn’t been confirmed to hit the West; however, its producer, Tomoya Asano, is already talking about a sequel.

Via the official Bravely Default: Flying Fairy page, fans of the original game have requested changes to be made to the sequel, based on their experience with the first title. Asano has taken notes of the requests and is willing to improve the sequel, based on the fans’ input.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Heading West?

bravely_default_flying_fairy_characterSquare Enix has registered the domain names AllTheBravest.com and AllTheBravest.net. We don’t exactly know what this means, but let’s hope it’s related to the localization of the company’s Nintendo 3DS RPG, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, which launched in Japan last October.

Update: Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy: All The Bravest For iOS Platforms

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review

Deep stories aren’t necessarily needed to make video games enjoyable, but engaging stories are one of the areas in which titles in the Paper Mario series excel. That is… until Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star has an overtly simple story. In the game, Bowser scatters the six Royal Stickers across the very paper-y Mushroom Kingdom. The main protagonist, Mario, of course, has to retrieve all six stickers and is accompanied by the short-tempered sticker fairy Kersti.

Super Paper Mario, for example, isn’t the best title in the series, but at least it had an entertaining story, unlike Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star’s visuals are fantastic. Mushroom Kingdom looks very much like a huge arts and crafts project. The game boasts the best visual style in the series to date. Almost everything in the game looks and sounds like paper. In-game characters know they are made up of paper, which is adorable.

For example, toward the beginning of the game, you need to rescue a bunch of Toads – some of which who’ve been stacked away, bent, crumpled and hidden under doormats by Bowser and his minions. Hence the title “Paper Mario: Sticker Star,” designs of the characters, worlds and levels feel appropriate.

The use of stereoscopic 3D in the game is one of the best on the Nintendo 3DS. It easily compares to Super Mario 3D Land’s 3D effects and adds a significant amount of depth to environments.

From the beginning to end, the game’s music is catchy albeit a bit repetitive; separate levels within a world have the same background music. Unfortunately, characters in the game don’t have voices. For example, Mario doesn’t say ‘Oh, no!,’ and Toads don’t make their annoying grumble sounds. The entire narrative is based on text, which, expectedly, is well-written and humorous.

The game revolves around stickers, which are scattered throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Want to stomp an enemy? Select a Jump sticker. Want to strike a foe with a hammer? Select a Hammer sticker. Want to recover your health? Select a Mushroom sticker. Without stickers, Mario is defenseless. Players must make sure they are stocked with stickers. Stickers may be purchased from Toads and peeled directly from surrounding objects.

There are numerous frustrating levels within the game. Many times, you’ll return to a level – you thought you’ve completed – to look for crucial items in order to progress on your journey. For example, in one level, I searched for a vital item in every visible area; I eventually (and accidentally) found it by slipping off a cliff.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star doesn’t exactly feel like a role-playing game, compared to other titles in the series, which is a bummer. To expand your health meter, you must search for HP-Up Hearts, some of which are hidden extremely well. There are tons of enemies in each world, but players don’t level up after defeating them. This is unfortunate, because you aren’t getting much incentive for battling all the enemies in your way. This also urges you to attempt to runaway during battles. But you can’t, however, runaway each time – your attempt to do so will inevitably fail multiple times.

It’s very different from its predecessors, and although it strips away several fundamental RPG elements, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is one of the best Nintendo 3DS titles of the year and a perfect fit for a handheld game.


Reggie Comments On The Last Story, Xenoblade And Monolith’s Wii U Game

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has explained that the company wanted to see just how well both Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story sold in Europe before committing resources to either game. Fils-Aime also said that there’s a lot of buzz related to Monolith Soft’s forthcoming Wii U game in Japan. He said that Nintendo of America would love to publish it dependant on the level of marketing support, how many copy’s it will sell, and whether it will be a profitable venture for Nintendo America.

“We know that they’re working on a game. I personally haven’t seen it, but I know there’s a lot of excitement in Japan and Kyoto about what they’re working on, so I look forward to seeing it. In the end, if it’s a game that we decide to publish from… what would be a second-party standpoint, certainly we’d love to bring it here to the US. The way we look at the opportunity is, given a level of marketing support, how much are we gonna sell and is it gonna be a profitable venture?”