Wii U Secrecy Frustrates Developers

Vigil Games’ Haydn Dalton wishes that Nintendo would just come out and share more information regarding their forthcoming console so developers can openly talk about their Wii U plans. Dalton says it’s awkward when he has to avoid answering questions that are related to Wii U’s technology and power. According to Dalton, developers can’t be completely open with their Wii U products until Nintendo gives them the OK by revealing all of the Wii U’s capabilities.

Do you wish Nintendo would just come out and say?

Haydn Dalton: “Oh, of course. Yeah. It’s awkward because when people ask questions about [Wii U] we’ve got to skirt around the answer. We obviously want them to come out with it because then we can just talk openly about the game. I’d rather just be open with people than spinning the answer back at somebody. As soon as they just come out and everything’s revealed it would take a little bit of weight off us as developers so we can be a little bit more open about the product.”