Super Mario Kart Coming To Wii U Virtual Console In Europe

The Super Nintendo classic Super Mario Kart will release on Nintendo eShop as a Wii U Virtual Console title on 27th March 2014. As part of a promotion to celebrate both this legendary title and Mario Kart 8, fans who purchase Super Mario Kart on Nintendo eShop from its release until 30th June 2014 can get a discount of £5.49 on Mario Kart 8 if they choose to purchase Mario Kart 8 on Nintendo eShop from the release of the game until 30th June 2014, providing the purchase takes place on the same Wii U console.

USGamer Slams Zelda A Link Between Worlds Graphical Style


A Link Between Worlds, the latest 3DS Zelda adventure derived from the SNES classic, A Link to the Past, will be launching on November 22nd. Review copies have been shipping out, and USGamer has weighed in on the game, utterly deriding the graphics, while praising the controls and overall gameplay. The site’s Jeremy Parish calls the gameplay smooth and fast, while calling the graphics both “crummy” and “barfy-looking.” In a couple more weeks, gamers will be able to decide for themselves whether or not the game’s visuals live up to these descriptions. A transcript of USGamer’s write-up on the title appears below.

What do you think? Does A Link Between Worlds look amateurish based on the videos that can be viewed online? Let us know in the comments!

“You can’t help but be disappointed by this outcome, as the Zelda games have generally featured fairly attractive graphics. You’d certainly never know about this legacy by looking at this latest entry, though. Even the DS games, low-resolution as they were, demonstrated a pleasant art style that worked well within that system’s constraints. A Link Between Worlds reminds me less of Phantom Hourglass and more of those laughably terrible CDi games that Philips developed (leaving a permanent stain on the franchise’s reputation to serve as Nintendo’s penance for backing out on their “Play Station” deal with Sony). I am many hours into A Link Between Worlds at this point, and throughout the entire adventure I’ve cringed at the agony being inflicted on my eyes every time I glance at the screen”

Aonuma Says He’s Worried About Fans Liking Zelda A Link Between Worlds


In a new interview, beloved Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma discusses several topics, one of which is the challenge he faced in trying to create a unique experience with A Link Between Worlds, despite the fact that it is a sequel to one of the greatest Zelda classics ever, A Link To The Past. He mentioned the fact that the SNES Zelda adventure is the game that inspired him to create video games, and this fact, coupled with the new types of gameplay in the game, have lead to him feeling anxious about its reception.

Aonuma is always talking about his desire to challenge himself and progress as a creative artist, and both A Link Between Worlds and the new Wii U Zelda are shaping up as prime examples of this kind of drive in him. Here are Aonuma’s comments regarding A Link Between Worlds:

As A Link To The Past was what made me want to make games in the first place, it is a truly moving experience to be working on the sequel.

I am worried about whether the fans are going to like it when it is released. We did not start making this game on the notion that we were making the sequel, and it happened as a matter of course as we developed unique ideas into a game.

Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds also give a little glimpse of this. These games may feel a little different from the experiences you’ve have before, and this will be a lot stronger in the new Zelda.

‘Historic’ Rare Franchise Revealed As Killer Instinct For Xbox One

The tease is finally over and the ‘historic’ franchise from Microsoft’s Rare is none other than Killer Instinct. Originally released for the SNES and N64, the updated Killer Instinct will be exclusive to Xbox One and developed by Double Helix. Check out the trailer above – shown during the E3 reveal – where Jago and Sabrewulf are shown as included in the new instalment. What do you think about Killer Instinct as an exclusive Xbox One reveal? Let us know in the comments below.

Nintendo Confirms You Can’t Transfer Save Files From Wii’s Virtual Console To Wii U’s Virtual Console

balloon_fight_bead_artIf you own the Wii edition of NES title Balloon Fight but want to upgrade to its Wii U edition, which would cost $1 and allows you to play the entire game on the Wii U GamePad, you’ll lose all your save data. So far, Balloon Fight is the the only Virtual Console title in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U, but Nintendo confirmed to Kotaku that consumers will not be able transfer their save files when they re-buy any upcoming NES or Super NES title on Wii U’s Virtual Console.

You Keep The NES And SNES Titles You Purchase From Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign

nes_bedIt seems as though people are confused about whether they will keep the discounted Virtual Console games they purchase from the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. In Nintendo’s Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campain, each month now through July, one NES or Super NES title will be available for 30 cents on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Whoever purchases that title can keep the game – the discounted price is not a rental price; it is an anniversary price, according to Nintendo. For example, if you purchase Balloon Fight, the first NES game to hit the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and costs 30 cents until February 21st, for the new console, it is your game to keep – even when its price is increased to $5, which is its regular price.

After specified promotional period, each game will be made available in the Nintendo eShop at regular price. Wii U owners who have purchased the game(s) during the promotional period will not need to purchase the game(s) again at the regular price. Games purchased during this promotional period are eligible for 2 points in the Deluxe Digital Program. Point value subject to change.

These Are The Wii U Virtual Console Games That Will Be Discounted For A Limited Time

f-zero_screenshotThe first Virtual Console title to launch on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U is NES title Balloon Fight, which currently costs 30 cents to download. After one month of being in the Nintendo eShop, the NES game will then cost $5. This is part of a discounted program offered by Nintendo to celebrate the Famicom’s 30th anniversary in Japan. Upon their initial releases on the online marketplace, for 30 days, the NES and Super NES games listed below will cost 30 cents each. Which discounted title(s) do you plan on grabbing?

  • January – Balloon Fight
  • February – F-Zero
  • March – Punch Out! Featuring Mr. Dream
  • April – Kirby’s Adventure
  • May – Super Metroid
  • June – Yoshi
  • July – Donkey Kong