Nintendo Of America Asks Fans For Social Media Feedback

Nintendo of America has tweeted that they want feedback regarding their social media pages. As you already know they’re on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ and they want to know if you’re happy with the content produced. It’s not the shortest survey ever, but they do enquire about what we expect from E3 this year. You can fill in the survey, right here.

Nintendo America Posts Survey On Twitter For You To Voice Your Opinions

Nintendo of America has posted an extremely long survey asking gamers what they think of the company’s social media channels. Just to warn you it could well take you an hour of your time to complete the survey, but at least you get your voice heard. You can fill it in here, but be warned there’s no progress bar.

Nintendo Dominates E3 Twitter Talk With Mentions In 47% Of All Expo Tweets

Nintendo caused a social media storm at this year’s E3 by becoming the most talked about games company on Twitter. According to social media monitoring service Crimson Hexagon, Nintendo dominated last week’s E3 event with 47 per cent of all related tweets mentioning the company. The most popular tweet was from Nintendo of America’s official account teasing Shigeru Miyamoto’s appearance on the Treehouse live-stream.

Among other popular tweets was one from Twitter user @dropkickpikachu saying: “”Nintendo has just shown more playable female character’s in one game preview than the other companies have all E3 so far.” Crimson Hexagon also reports that the Nintendo hashtag was used 30,000 times during the event, while #e32014 up to 55,000 times.

Competitors Sony and Microsoft took 28 and 25 per cent of the Twitter conversation, respectively. It’s clear Nintendo shined at last week’s gaming event with the addition of Treehouse live-streams on top of its Digital Event – did you contribute to Nintendo’s social media storm? Let us know in the comments below .

Nintendo Refrains From Social Media Posts In The Wake Of Yamauchi’s Death


All of Nintendo’s social media outlets have posted the same message today, indicating that they will not be posting any news, updates, or promotions in remembrance of former president Hiroshi Yamauchi, who passed away yesterday. Nintendo of America, Nintendo UK, and Nintendo of Europe all posted the same message on Twitter in the last 24 hours, which appears below.

Yamauchi is credited with ushering in a new era of gaming by serving as President of Nintendo when the company first released its iconic Mario and Donkey Kong franchises. He famously gave the young, aspiring artist Shigeru Miyamoto a chance to design Donkey Kong when all odds were against the success of the game. Yamauchi died of pneumonia yesterday at a hospital in central Japan. He was 85 years old.

In remembrance of Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo will not be posting on our social media channels today.

Official Pokemon Twitter Account And Facebook Page Open

The Pokémon Company today made a Twitter account and Facebook page. Like its Facebook page and follow its Twitter account  “to get the latest Pokémon news straight from the source.” Upcoming Pokémon games for Nintendo DS, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, will launch October 7th in North America, October 11th in Australia, and October 12th in Europe.

Wii U Struggles To Build Buzz Against The iPhone 5

Gaming publication Games Industry International took to the internet to see just how big the buzz was on social media and technology blogs for both the iPhone 5 and Wii U. Judging from the results which were posted on the website it would appear that the Wii U conference was vastly overshadowed by the iPhone 5 conference on the 12th September.

“Retail sales are down considerably (at least as seen through NPD). The consoles are long in the tooth. And there hasn’t been a surprise breakaway blockbuster for some time. Call of Duty is still a huge seller, but those numbers are never a surprise now. Those are the sorts of things that ping the radar of many mainstream outlets.”

“If the Wii U proves to be as groundbreaking as the Wii, we’ll likely see another surge of coverage. But so far, the general reaction from investors and the general public to the system has been a collective shoulder shrug. Many people see it simply as a Wii HD (which underscores the marketing problem Nintendo faces). Also, Nintendo has done virtually nothing to market it, withholding key details until just recently. So there hasn’t been anything to write about.”

– Freelance journalist Chris Morris (who has covered games for CNN, Forbes, Variety, and more)

Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Needs To Embrace Social Networking And Mobile

Koichi Ogawa, a portfolio manager at Daiwa SB Investments Ltd. in Tokyo has told Bloomberg that Nintendo really needs to embrace the social networking arena along with the mobile space to be relevant. If Nintendo doesn’t intend to address these things at tomorrows press conference then Ogawa predicts stock in the company will tumble.

The creator of the “Super Mario Bros.” franchise should introduce more major titles at today’s 3DS conference or consider developing games for social networks to restore investor confidence in a stock that’s tumbled more than 80 percent since its 2007 high, analysts said. President Satoru Iwata, bracing for the game maker’s lowest profit in 26 years, is seeking to win back users who are content to play games on Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone and Facebook Inc.’s online service.

“Nintendo should consider embracing social networks, even though it’s going to be a latecomer. Even with the price cut, it’s hard to lure consumers as various platforms including the iPhone and iPad are available now. Those people won’t use 3DS to play cards or mah-jongg.”

“Nintendo should better explain why the company isn’t embracing the surging market for games on social networking services such as Facebook.”