New Solatorobo Game Coming

CyberConnect2 company boss Hiroshi Matsuyama has announced that they are currently developing a new story within the Little Tail Bronx series. The last game in the series was Nintendo DS exclusive, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. CyberConnect2 has yet to announce which platform the next game in the franchise will appear on. But the Nintendo 3DS seems to be the likely choice.

Cyber Connect2 Hints At Sequel To The Brilliant Solatorobo

During a one year anniversary fan appreciation event for Solatorobo CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama hinted to the audience that the development team behind the fantastic Solatorobo on Nintendo DS are working on a sequel. Matsuyama wouldn’t be drawn into revealing what platform the game would be for, or when it’s planned to be released.

“In the not so distant future, I would like to greet everyone in the Little Tail Bronx world. Although, I don’t know what media it will be. As long as it has everyone’s support, the Little Tails Bronx world will live forever.”

Nintendo DS: SolatoRobo Red The Hunter Review

I’ll start of by saying that SolatoRobo: Red the Hunter wasn’t a game that was on my radar for 2011. This changed immediately after I started playing the game. I was instantly won over by the cute, colourful and vibrant game world that greeted me and by Red; an instantly likable protagonist with a brave, daring and humorous personality.

So give me a brief idea of what the game’s like?

Well it comes across as a well presented hybrid which lies somewhere between a Nintendo platformer and an extremely accessible role playing game. Red is a freelancer always looking for the next adventure to score big on but he’s rather strapped for cash, so he’s given a number of quests to do via Flo the Quest Broker. These quests are sometimes tied in with the main story and require a certain rank to do therefore you will find yourself doing plenty of fun side-quests as well as progressing through the games main storyline.

Isn’t it a little late for a Nintendo DS game now the 3DS is out?

No, this game looks absolutely gorgeous. Yes, it’s running on older hardware but you can tell that CyberConnect2 has painstakingly thought out every minute detail of the world that Red inhabits. The art direction reminds me of Studio Ghibli film with lush vegetation, sprawling landscapes which combine to create a believable living, breathing world. SolatoRobo has apparently been ten years in the making and it shows as everything has been fine tuned to perfection. This is how you make a Nintendo DS game.

Should I buy it?

If you’re looking for a brilliant adventure with charming characters, gorgeous game worlds and game-play mechanics that have basically been fine-tuned to perfection, then yes you should buy it. It’s definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played on the Nintendo DS. Some might say that it’s a little on the easy side, but that’s not a bad thing in the case of this game, as there’s so much to do and see. Everything has been thought out 100% and there’s no ‘what do I do next?” The story takes you by the hand and leads you on one of the best adventures you’ll have in your life.