Is The Next Sonic Game Sonic Adventure 3?


You have all heard the numerous rumours online that a Sonic announcement is imminent. Well, recent internet speculation points towards the game being Sonic Adventure 3. The game was meant to be revealed for current-gen and next-gen platforms on February 2nd and February 3rd, but this never transpired. You may remember that Sega registered six Sonic Adventure 3 domain names back in July, leading many to believe that Sonic’s next outing is Sonic Adventure 3. Hopefully Sega will announce something soon so the speculation can be laid to rest.

“Got word that Sonic Adventure 3 ships by the end of this year, they might change the name but that’s what they’re running with now.”

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Knuckles Composer Working On New Sonic Project

Rapper Hunnid-P, who is the man behind the notorious Knuckle’s theme in Sonic Adventure 2, has revealed via Youtube that he’s working on a new Knuckles theme for an upcoming Sonic project. We revealed this morning that Sega, or a third-party, has been registering numerous domains for Sonic Adventure 3, so maybe this information ties in with that.

“I’ll have some new Knuckles music as soon as Sega and I work on this new project for Sonic so stay tuned!”

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Sonic Adventure 3 Domains Registered

Sega, or an unknown party, has apparently begun registering domains for Sonic Adventure 3 leading some to believe that a follow-up to the Dreamcast titles is underway at Sega HQ. If it’s a hoax then it’s a very thorough one as numerous domains for Sonic Adventure 3 have been registered. Is this the Sonic game you want to see?