Christian Whitehead Says Sonic Can Be As Great As Any High-Quality Nintendo Platformer

We have been hard at work relaying to you details from a Polygon interview where past and present SEGA figures recalled the history of the Sonic franchise. Sonic’s past, present and future were all brought into the spotlight. One figure in particular, Christian Whitehead, had some Nintendo-related remarks to share.

If you don’t know who Christian “Taxman” Whitehead is, he was the creator of the “Retro Engine”. Whitehead was hired by SEGA to use the engine to create revamped ports of Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD. In the interview, he explains that it’s a “pretty tough task” for Sonic to be as big a game like Grand Theft Auto. However, he states that with the “right mindset behind it”, Sonic still has the capability to be as great as “any high-quality platformer Nintendo is currently putting out”.


Takashi Iizuka Is Hopeful For The Future Of Sonic

In a recent Polygon article, the journalist wrote about Sonic’s history along with SEGA’s hopes for the future of Sonic.

As previously mentioned in an earlier post, Big Red Button fully acknowledges the backlash from the release and subsequent issues of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Sonic key developer, Takashi Iizuka, admitted to Polygon that mistakes made with Rise of Lyric included putting priority into shipping rather than quality and fan expectation, he also mentioned that the Sonic Team had not been deeply involved in the game’s development. He does however, have hopes for the future of Sonic, and advised that the Sonic Team needs to keep the franchise expanding.

“When you buy a Sonic game, we want you to see that Sega logo on the package and know that you’re getting a great experience,” he says. “Ideally, I want Sonic to be a character loved both by people who play games and by those who don’t.”

Iizuka talked about how the Sonic franchise needs pushing in certain areas such as media and television, movies, merchandising and the appearance of characters in different types of games. He expressed his desire to ensure Sonic remains relevant and iconic.

“I want to make him a character who continues to be iconic and remains relevant as one of the first cool characters a child might see,”

You can check out the full article here.

SEGA Thanks Sonic Fans On Hedgehog Day

SEGA has taken to their official blog to thank Sonic fans for supporting the franchise as today February 2nd is known as Hedgehog Day. The team couldn’t help but tease a little more about Sonic’s 25th Anniversary which is being celebrated this year and promises that they have some “cool stuff” to share shortly regarding this. Anyway, here’s the company’s message to the Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there.

As we enter Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Year, it’s an exciting time to be a Sonic fan.

Isn’t it crazy to think it’s been 25 years since Sonic 1 released? Some of you reading this probably weren’t even born when the older among us pooled up our allowance to buy a copy of Sonic for our Genesis or Mega Drive. But, no matter our age, we all celebrate and follow the iconic blue blur for reasons that remain universal.

I know at least half of you reading this are thinking: “Hey! Are you announcing anything big today, like Sonic Labyrinth 2 or Tails Sky Patrol IV? What’s the scoop?”, but you’ll need to be patient for a while longer. Good things take time, and we’re sticking to that. That said, you’ve probably noticed a few numbers floating around here and there. Who knows that they might mean? (By the way, in case you missed it – those weren’t eyes, they were zeros.)

A few years ago, during my first tour of duty with SEGA, our team decided to post something teasing an upcoming announcement on February 2nd, or “Hedgehog Day”. This was a fun reference back to the release of Sonic 3, which took over “Groundhog Day” in much the way that any tyrannical conqueror takes something they want – by force. Inspired by the marketing bloodlust of our forefathers, “Hedgehog Day” was reborn again from the ashes of the 90’s, and each year we’ve tried to keep it going ever since.

Sonic has seen a wide range of games and gameplay styles, but whether you prefer the classics, the Adventure series, the Colors/Generations style, or anything in between, thanks for sticking with the blue blur through thick and thin.

We can’t wait to celebrate the 25th Anniversary with you all throughout the year – and we have some pretty cool stuff coming up.


Sonic Brand Manager Teases Fans For Third Time

Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber has pulled on the heartstrings of fans with another teaser on what is highly speculated to be an announcement of the next Sonic the Hedgehog game. Previously, the last two teasers by Webber had been posted on Tumblr with some suspicious tags. However, Webber has strayed from the norm to sneak in a cryptic message.

The suspicious Tumblr tag in question appears to follow-up on a previous teaser Webber has used to hint at information being distributed sporadically. Intriguingly, what stood out the most about the teaser was the animation that involves Classic Sonic’s head transforming into the head of Modern Sonic’s – and vice versa. A closer look reveals that some of the debris left behind by the explosions will briefly reveal numbers. Earlier this month, Webber teased these numbers in a tweet, suggesting they will play a significant role. The pair of zeroes has been speculated to be the eyes of Sonic character Big the Cat. You can check out the Tumblr post below.

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Sonic Brand Manager Teases Sonic Fans Once Again

We all know something big is brewing for Sonic fans this year as it’s the speedy blue hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. What SEGA is planning remains a mystery but that hasn’t stopped Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber from getting the fan-base hyped. Yes, he has planted a number of curious hashtags into a seemingly innocent post which you can read below. In case you missed it, here’s what he had to say yesterday.

Do you know what makes a good tease good? In our opinion, it’s layers. Just like biting into a nice seven-layer bean dip! A little bit here, another taste there. And in the end all the flavors come together. And you wind up eating half of it and then regretting your voraciousness later. So for those of you starving for a little news to consume about this year there’s still some time before anything will be revealed but if you can follow the breadcrumbs who knows what you might discover in the weeks to come?

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Sonic Announcement Hinted In Tumblr Hashtags

We may have solved the case of Sonic’s decline. A hint of an upcoming announcement was spotted deep within the hashtags of a Tumblr post by the hedgehog’s brand manager, Aaron Webber. Accompanying a photo of NFL running back, C.J. Anderson in a Sonic shirt, were a myriad of lengthy hashtags, a few of which read:

#we have something coming up in February that some of you will be interested in… #but we can’t talk about it yet!#don’t tell anyone you saw this hint in the tumblr tags – okay? #alright let’s wrap up with some delicious types of desserts to make everyone hungry…

Apparently, Webber is infamous in the Sonic community for these kinds of small teases. I’m no brand expert, but it would seem that hiding announcements isn’t the best thing for a blue-blur that’s slowly fading into obscurity. This year marks Sonic’s 25th anniversary, so hopefully the aforementioned announcement is of something to celebrate the milestone.


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SEGA Has Posted New Advert For Sonic’s 25th Anniversary

It is Sonic’s 25th Anniversary this year and as expected the fans seem to be rather excited. SEGA revealed a new promotional poster for Sonic’s Anniversary which features Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic and Sonic from Sonic Boom together. It also features another version of the 25th Anniversary logo. The poster was spotted in Toy World Magazine and is simply there to advertise licensing enquiries. Still, it’s a pretty cool poster and sure to spark speculation.



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