Square Enix Releases More Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Details

Following on from information released by Square Enix in October surrounding the development of 3DS title, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3, has come a new batch of information that touches on online aspects of the game such as Wi-Fi battles.

The Wi-Fi battles feature in the upcoming title will allow you to battle with other monster masters online. Each day, two types of tournaments will take place for a certain amount of time, and final rankings from the tournaments will be announced at the end of that day. They will start up again on the following day, allowing you to join a tournament at any time whilst they are live.

Here’s details on each type of tournament:

Master GP
In this tournament, there are no restrictions on which type of monsters are allowed to battle, each monster master will fight using their selected monsters to earn the title of “strongest player”.

Challenger GP
In Challenger GP tournaments, there are certain conditions that need to be met in order to register a monster. You’ll need to form a party under these conditions.

In addition to the tournaments, you will be able to participate in Wi-Fi Ranking Battles. Each week, ten ‘participation tickets’ are distributed to allow you to take part in these battles. When you participate in a Wi-Fi Ranked Battle, you will be matched with someone of similar strength and play through 3 battles with your match. In addition to the system randomly matching you with someone of similar strength, there’s also the option to select the strength of your opponent, the key aim of this would be due to the fact that the higher the strength of the opponent, the more points you will receive in the rankings.

monster 3 wifi

Other information revealed includes the fact that you can ride a monster into battle. There are some special techniques that can only be obtained whilst doing this.

riding monster - monster 3

And finally, you’ll also receive coins for battling with other players, you can exchange these coins for accessories and new monsters.

coins monster 3

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 will be released in Japan on March 24, there hasn’t been any news on release dates outside of Japan as of yet.




Dragon Quest XI Should Be Released Before May 27, 2017 In Japan

Those of you who are eager awaiting the next Dragon Quest game may have a long wait on your hands. Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii said during today’s Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Project Presentation that they plan to release Dragon Quest XI during the series 30th anniversary year. Horii says this is sometime between May 27, 2016 and May 27, 2017.


Ichiro Hazama Would Like To Continue Making Theatrhythm Games

In last month’s edition of Nintendo Dream, Theatrhythm producer Ichiro Hazama, made a few comments on the series noting that he wants to continue in making Theatrhythm games and asked fans to keep supporting these titles.

“This is Hazama from Square Enix. Last year at this place, I said ‘we’ll keep continuing Theatrhythm from hereafter too!’. Well then, I wonder how about next year[‘s continuity]. Personally, I still want to continue, and everyday I have been devising various plans. I’m full with a feeling to do something to make it happen, so I’ll be glad if you can wait with anticipation. With that being said, please keep supporting [the series] as usual from hereafter too!”

It looks like Hazama is positive about the future of Theatrhythm, and it’ll be interesting to see the next iteration in the series.

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Capcom Introduces Monster Hunter X Collaborations With Mega Man And Square Enix

Capcom has announced the news of two new Monster Hunter X collaborations with both Mega Man and Square Enix. This new information was announced during the Monster Hunter Festa 2016.

The Mega Man collaboration is available now and brings a new Felyne Palicoes costume which will give Felyne the ability to use a range of different weapons such as Guts Man’s ‘Super Arm’ and Gravity Man’s ‘Gravity Hold’. Here’s a trailer showcasing the costume below:

The second collaboration with Square Enix will introduce a new event quest starting from January 15th. This will give you the oppurtunity to battle the elder dragon Kushala Daora, giving you the chance to obtain the Knyaight Sword weapon Knyaight Series armour. Here’s an image of the armour and weapon below:

Hopefully, when Monster Hunter X arrives to the west these collaborations will also be available.


New Dragon Quest Game To Be Announced On December 23rd

Square Enix has revealed that we are getting yet another Dragon Quest title and that it is set to be officially unveiled on December 23rd via a NicoNico live stream. Square Enix director Jin Fujisawa said via Twitter that it will be an entirely new game, so not a remake etc. We don’t know what platforms this new Dragon Quest game will be arriving on, but we are crossing our fingers for Nintendo 3DS. The stream takes place on December 23 at 7:00pm JST. That’s 2:00am PT/5:00am ET/10:00am GMT.


Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Project Presentation January 13th

Good news for Dragon Quest fans as Square Enix has today announced that it will holding the Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Project Presentation on January 13th. The event will be live streamed on streaming site NicoNico. This particular presentation will be showcasing the games due out on Dragon Quest‘s 30th anniversary which is next year. Members of the team attending the event include Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii and 30th anniversary project supervising producer Ryutaro Ichimura. These are the new Dragon Quest games that we know about so far:

  • Dragon Quest Builders (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) – January 28
  • Dragon Quets Monsters: Joker 3 (3DS) – March 24
  • Dragon Quest Heroes II (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) – Spring 2016
  • Dragon Quest XI (PS4, 3DS) – Aiming for 2016

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Black Friday: Square Enix Has Good Deals On Nintendo DS Games

One of the great things about the Nintendo 3DS is that it plays all your old Nintendo DS games. There’s plenty of acclaimed titles around for the platform and if you missed out on any of them then you may want to pay a visit to the Square Enix online store. There’s a number of titles at bargain prices including The World Ends With You and Chrono Trigger.

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