Here’s A 25 Minute Look At The Remastered Final Fantasy For Nintendo 3DS eShop

As you may already know, the original Final Fantasy has been remastered for the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan. To celebrate its release, NintenDaan has captured twenty five minutes worth of footage from the remaster. Now let’s all cross our fingers and hope it comes to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in the west.

Here’s The First Batch Of Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Screenshots And Trailer

Excited for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest? Well you probably should be as the recent trailer for the game looks great. We still haven’t had word of a western release, but the rhythm based title will be coming to Japan on March 26th on the Nintendo 3DS. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy performed well when it came to the west so here’s hoping that Square Enix sees sense and releases it over here.


Check Out These New Trailers For Final Fantasy Explorers

Square Enix has added two new gameplay trailers and a TV commercial for its upcoming 3DS game, Final Fantasy Explorers. As it was revealed today and developed by the makers behind such games as Bomberman Land and SaGa 2, Japanese studio Racjin has been keeping busy with the latest Final Fantasy handheld game. Though the action RPG is yet to be announced for western audiences, Japanese 3DS owners have been able to download the demo since it launched on the eShop last month.

If you’re itching to watch the trailers, you can find the Alchemist trailer embedded above, and the thief trailer, here. Aside from adding the new trailers, Square Enix has also uploaded new screenshots and some lovely art to the official website. Final Fantasy Explorers will release December 18 in Japan.

Square Enix Announces Theatrhythm Dragon Quest For Nintendo 3DS

Theatrhythm_dragon_quest_3dsSquare Enix has officially announced Theatrhythm Dragon Quest for Nintendo 3DS. The next entry in the publisher’s Theatrhythm rhythm game series is scheduled to launch on March 26th in Japan for 5,800 yen. It will be playable for the first time next weekend at Jump Festa, where its first trailer will also be premiered. Way back in 2012, Square Enix producer Ichiro Hazama expressed his ambition to develop Theatrhythm into a series that includes other franchises by Square Enix, such as Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

Bravely Second Will Be Released April 23rd In Japan And Here’s A Look At Collectors Edition


Japanese gamers will be able to get their hands on Bravely Second on April 23rd in Japan. To celebrate the announcement Square Enix have revealed a special collectors edition of the game which looks rather attractive. Here’s all the details we’ve got about the special edition version of Bravely Second which will obviously be limited.

  • Pope Agnes mini figure
  • “Bravely Default 200 years Later: Shine Maiden of the Wind Edea
  • Oblige” art book and novel
  • Mini soundtrack on a data CD
  • U notebook
  • Magnolia rubber strap
  • Code for in-game content.

Thanks, Ganon

Square Enix To Announce A New Console RPG That Isn’t A Remake Next Month

Looks like Square Enix is still investing in console titles as the publisher and developer has revealed that they have a brand new RPG title in the works for consoles that isn’t a remake. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda announced in the latest issue of Famitsu that the game will be revealed next month in December. The company also has Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 in development so it will be interesting to see which platforms it will be for. Here’s what Matsuda had to say about the mysterious title.

“Actually, right now, we’re working on a new RPG specifically for consoles and it isn’t a remake. We’ll start talking about it more in December and go from there.”

Square Enix Confirms Final Fantasy Explorers Will Not Support Stereoscopic 3D

Square Enix has revealed that its latest RPG for the Nintendo 3DS – Final Fantasy Explorers – will not support stereoscopic 3D. The news comes from a flurry of rumours surrounding the title’s debut at the Tokyo Game Show last month, which was only playable in 2D mode on the Nintendo handheld. It’s not the first time a 3DS game has not utilised the console’s stereoscopic 3D as Game Freak declined to use the mode for the overworld in Pokemon X & Y, making it much more pleasing for 2DS owners.

The publisher, though, has said Circle Pad Pro support is provided for those not planning on making the jump to the New Nintendo 3DS and XL models. On the new models, the C-Stick will control the camera, while ZL and ZR are used to lock onto monsters or summons, respectively. Final Fantasy Explorers is scheduled to launch for Japan on December 18.