Dragon Quest X Compilation Coming To Wii U In Japan

Square Enix has revealed that there’s a Dragon Quest X compilation which includes all three versions of the game coming to the Wii U in Japan. Again, it should be noted that this is for Japan only as Square Enix doesn’t seem to have any intentions of releasing the MMORPG in the west. Hopefully they will change their tune with Dragon Quest XI which is coming to the Nintendo 3DS and apparently the Nintendo NX.

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Infographic: Here’s A Look At The Job Classes In Final Fantasy Explorers


The Dragoon, Black Mage, Monk and Ninja job classes are just some of the 21 different jobs SQUARE ENIX offers for adventurers to learn and master in FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS to defeat the realm’s mightiest monsters. This upcoming action-RPG allows adventurers to fly solo or band together with up to three friends to gather the crystals scattered throughout the world.

The jobs system has evolved over the years into a beloved part of the FINAL FANTASY series, and is an integral part of this game. Each of the 21 jobs possess their own unique abilities and skillsets, allowing players a tactical edge when switching, combining and leveling between jobs, and creating endless amounts of character customization for all skill levels. Additionally, the North American release will include the specialized Blue Mage and Samurai jobs, which were previously only available as DLC in Japan.

The world is on the brink of war over its reserves of crystals, the planet’s chief source of power. Players must band together to form an elite squad of Explorers on an island rich in crystals, braving hordes of monsters in hopes of conquering a newly discovered Grand Crystal – every Explorer’s dream.

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Square Enix Shares New Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Screenshots

Along with confirming the details about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 found in a recent Famitsu article, Square Enix has also released new screenshots of the title’s gameplay. The game will eventually be released to the Nintendo 3DS, however it’s currently still in development. You can check out the screenshots below:


Final Fantasy XV Director Would Love To Work On A Zelda Game

Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation recently spoke to a number of developers to find out which video game franchises they would love to work on if they were ever given the chance. Interestingly, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata said that The Legend of Zelda franchise is something he would love to be able to work on. It will most likely never ever happen, but it would certainly be interesting to see Square Enix’s vision for the franchise using their state of the art graphics engine.

“The Legend of Zelda series. I’m not quite sure why myself, but a Zelda game made with the technology and know-how of Final Fantasy XV is the game I wish to create as of this moment.”

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Here Are Some New Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Details

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 was announced in July this year, but up until now there hasn’t been many details disclosed about the upcoming title. However, in this week’s edition of the Japanese magazine Jump, some new information has emerged on what to expect from the future 3DS game.

The magazine discloses new details, including an insight into the storyline, which will be based on a boy who loses his memory and obtains an unknown device called a ‘Reactor’. He then sets out on a journey to regain his memory with his new-found device, which will help him analyze the monsters he meets on his way.

There will be over 500 monsters in the game, and you will have the ability to ride the monsters you make friends with on land, sea and water. There will also be new competitions that haven’t been included in the previous versions, along with the inclusion of multiplayer battles.

There is yet to be a release date for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 as it is currently still in development. You can check out a photo of the article below:


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Dragon Quest VII Nintendo 3DS Remake Heading To iOS And Android In Japan

Square Enix has today announced that the Nintendo 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII is heading to iOS and Android devices. At present it is only set to be available to Japanese consumers, but there’s a likelihood that it will be localised. Square Enix has yet to confirm whether the Nintendo 3DS version will make it way over here.

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Dragon Quest XI Will Be ‘Offline’ And Will Be Released By May 2017

Square Enix has today confirmed that the forthcoming Dragon Quest XI will be a completely offline affair unlike its predecessor, Dragon Quest X. The company also said that Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4 title will arrive before May 2017 in Japan. Square Enix has yet to confirm whether the game will come to the west, but many assume it will given Square Enix’s eagerness to bring across Dragon Quest Heroes on the PlayStation 4.

The publisher is also considering the release of the new title for Nintendo’s next-generation home console under development, NX, it added.

“We want people to play it,” “DQ” series creator and video game designer Yuji Horii said. “We are making the most of the characteristics of each gaming machine.”