Chrono Trigger Arrangement Album Coming For 20th Anniversary

Square Enix has announced that they’re planning a brand new arrangement album featuring music from the iconic Chrono Trigger and its sequel Chrono Cross. The album is being created to honour the game’s 20th anniversary. Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda is behind the album which will be on a single disc and will be released in Japan on October 14th. The title of the 20th anniversary arrangement album is Harukanarutokinokanatahe, which when translated in English means “Far Beyond the Distant Time.”

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Final Fantasy Explorers Coming to North America And Europe

Square Enix has today confirmed that the intriguing Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS is heading over to the west in 2016. The JRPG will be arriving in the United States on January 26th and in Europe on January 29th. The latest Final Fantasy game invites players to “band together to form an elite squad of Explorers with your friends, braving hordes of monsters in hopes of conquering a newly discovered Grand Crystal – every Explorer’s dream.”

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Square Enix Doesn’t Know Whether Dragon Quest XI Will Come To The West

This morning saw Square Enix announce Dragon Quest XI for a variety of platforms, but the all-important question we are all asking is whether the game will come to the west. Well, it seems as though Square Enix isn’t completely sure at present. The last instalment for the Dragon Quest series for consoles Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King made is way to the west and was a success. However, Dragon Quest X didn’t come over, but that was a massively multiplayer online title and would have required some extra work with the translations and the servers. There’s a likely hood that it will come, but expect a lengthy delay between the Japanese version and the western one.

“The Japanese publisher stated it understandably doesn’t have “a concrete plan at the moment”, but it’ll “consider it as [it has] done in the past for other Dragon Quest titles”.

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Square Enix To Hold Dragon Quest Press Event On The 28th

The latest edition of Japanese publication Jump Magazine has revealed that Square Enix will be holding a special event next week that will be entirely Dragon Quest focussed. The magazine also promises that it will have a feature on “that big title” in their following issue which is due out August 3rd. All the signs seem to point towards this being an official unveiling of Dragon Quest 11, which has admittedly been a long time coming. Whether the game arrives on the PlayStation 4 or the Nintendo 3DS remains to be seen, but it would certainly give whatever hardware it is on a significant boost in Japan. The event which takes place on Tuesday 28th July will also be live streamed and if you remember, this is exactly how they went about announcing Dragon Quest 10 for Wii U.

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Rumour: Dragon Quest VII & VIII For 3DS Western Release “Not Planned For Now”?

This information kind of contradicts the previous unconfirmed statement that we heard from Dragon Quest producer, Yuji Horii. Firstly we heard that Horii let slip that Dragon Quest titles Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII are both heading to France and presumably Europe in general. Now Finaland is reporting that a western release for both Dragon Quest titles are “not planned for now.” Both reports were taken from the Japan Expo and it could be that this interview was done before Horii apparently announced on stage that it is heading to France. Hopefully Square Enix will eventually clear up any confusion, or maybe they won’t. Here’s what Horii told the publication:

Finaland : As far as I know, DQ VII and DQ VIII are very popular, a lot of people, and when I mean a lot, it’s A LOT, ask for localizing them in Europe for 3DS

Yuji Horii : (laugh) I do understand that, but it’s not planned for now. Don’t worry, people desires arrive to my desk and we’ll decide what we do

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 Has Been Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Square Enix is pumping out Dragon Quest titles like nobody’s business. Not that I’m complaining. Anyway, a leak by Japanese publication Jump Magazine states that the company has a brand new Dragon Quest Monsters title in development which is named Dragon Quest Monster Joker 3 and is destined for Japan. Details are rather scarce at the moment, but no doubt Square Enix will lift the lid soon.