Square Enix CEO Says They’re Working On ‘Surprise’ New Console JRPG

Yosuke Matsuda, the president of Square Enix, has teased fans by stating that the company is busy working on a surprise new console JRPG. The new JRPG will be released for the company’s fiscal 2015. Whether it’s a new IP or an existing franchise such as Dragon Quest remains to be seen, but it’s certainly interesting nonetheless. Matsuda also said that the company is “charged” for E3 in June.

“For fiscal 2015, I think we have a considerable amount of high-end games both inside and outside the country. Starting with Final Fantasy XV, we’ll be putting out news for Japanese RPGs.”

“I think we’ll have a little surprise, too,” before clarifying he’s referring to “a JRPG for home game machine(s).”

Square Enix’s personal resolution for fiscal year 2015, according to Matsuda, is “a box of surprises.” This apparently refers to how well the company can deliver in terms of releasing surprising and interesting works.”

“With respect to HD titles for 2015, our Japanese and Western studios are both bolstering their lineups considerably, so it’d be wise to keep an eye on them,” Matsuda concluded.”

Check Out The Brand New Trailer For Bravely Second

The original Bravely Default was generally regarded as a stellar Japanese RPG so everyone is crossing their fingers hoping that its sequel, Bravely Second, lives up to expectation. Square Enix has just released as brand new trailer showcasing some of the changes that players can expect when they get their hands on the game sometime later this year. Bravely Second comes out next month in Japan.

Square Enix Finally Adds Wii U And Nintendo 3DS To Their Recent Survey

You probably saw the survey going round from Square Enix asking gamers which game they would love the company to begin developing. Well that very same survey featured a number of platforms, but for whatever reason it neglected to mention the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, which was rather odd as they had the Nintendo DS and Wii listed. Anyway, they’ve just added Nintendo’s current platforms. You can check out the survey, right here.

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Square Enix Creates Survey To Shape Future Of Company But Neglects To Mention Wii U And Nintendo 3DS


Want to help shape the future of Square Enix? If you do there’s a lovely survey to fill in. The survey asks gamers which platforms they own, but they neglect to mention the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Instead there’s just Wii and Nintendo DS. The best part of the survey is the part when they ask which one game you’d love the company to make. Make your voice is heard and suggest something truly great.

Square Enix CEO Is Aware Of Dragon Quest Demand Here In The West

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda says he is fully aware of the demand for Dragon Quest titles in the west. Matsuda announced only today that Dragon Quest Heroes is coming to the United States and Europe on the PlayStation 4 and he believes that the Dragon Quest franchise has a “bright future” ahead of it in the west. Hopefully that means localising Dragon Quest titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Matsuda also said that we should look forward to more announcements in the near future.

Matsuda acknowledges a number of Dragon Quest titles were not released in France (in the West, if you prefer, heh) but he and the DQ team are aware of the demand. He says he thinks they (the DQ team) have some ideas on how to make the franchise successful in the West, and asks us to look forward to upcoming announcements and to a “bright future” for the series.

Square Enix Reveals Bravely Second Subtitle And Japanese Box Art

Square Enix has unveiled the subtitle to its upcoming RPG Bravely Second. While we’ve received tidbits of information from the publisher on the sequel, such as confirmation of Edea Lee and a number of trailers, Japanese fans were still in the dark to its subtitle. As Bravely Default: Flying Fairy hinted towards the game’s story and overall direction, Bravely Second: End Layer will also do the same. It’s still a mystery to many but we’re sure to hear more details on the game’s content when it releases for Japan on April 23. In the mean time, be sure to view the Japanese box art in the image above.

Aside from the subtitle, Square Enix has also revealed Tiz Arrior will return as a main character for the sequel. He joins fan favourite Edea Lee in a quest to rescue Agnes Oblige – who has been kidnapped by an enemy masking as the Emperor Oblivion and his sidekick fairy Anne. And as a bonus for those in Japan who buy first-print copies of the game, exclusive costumes can be downloaded and unlocked for free. Bravely Second has yet to be announced for western audiences.

Here’s A 25 Minute Look At The Remastered Final Fantasy For Nintendo 3DS eShop

As you may already know, the original Final Fantasy has been remastered for the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan. To celebrate its release, NintenDaan has captured twenty five minutes worth of footage from the remaster. Now let’s all cross our fingers and hope it comes to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in the west.