Miyamoto: Super Mario Galaxy 3 Is Possible But Would Be On New Nintendo Hardware

Eurogamer has had the opportunity to interview Mr. Miyamoto about a number of things including the highly requested Super Mario Galaxy 3. The game has to be one of the most requested titles by Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto knows this. However, he says that if they did make a new Super Mario Galaxy game it would be on new Nintendo hardware which presumably means the Nintendo NX.

“[A new Mario Galaxy] is always in discussion. But even with Mario 64 there was a lot of feedback about motion sickness with the 3D or maybe us making it too difficult.

“Going back to our roots and making New Super Mario Bros., anyone can play that,” Miyamoto continued. “So that’s why we went back.

“We’re always thinking, is there a middle ground where people who do enjoy the 3D worlds of Galaxy and those who enjoy New Super Mario Bros. can both enjoy it? We’re always looking at those opportunities,” he added.

“On the other hand, me and [Yoshiaki] Koizumi-san, director of Galaxy, are always looking to challenge Galaxy and do another 3D action title. However we can’t make so many games at once in parallel.

“But as the hardware technology gets better and advances, I think there will be a lot of opportunity for both options.”

When asked what extra hardware power would be needed – and whether this meant Nintendo would now wait for its upcoming NX console – Miyamoto was coy:

“Wii U’s definitely good enough in terms of hardware performance, it is more the workload of the team. If you look at Star Fox Zero, the TV and GamePad are both rendered in 60 frames, so in total that’s 120 frames. It’s really just a matter of the CPU speed at this point.”


Nintendo Says Super Mario Galaxy 3 Is Difficult To Imagine

The director behind Super Mario Galaxy 2, Koichi Hayashida, believes it would be difficult to make another game in the amazing Super Mario Galaxy series using left over ideas from the previous games. This suggests that the next Mario game for Wii U will most likely be an original concept. Hopefully we should see it in action at this years E3 event in June.

“When we worked on Galaxy 1 we came up with a mountain of ideas. Of course, the ideas that made it in to the final product were the ones at the very top. Those ideas that were most compelling or could be implemented most easily and effectively. The other ideas were a little bit rougher. Ideas we weren’t positive that’d be as effective, or might have been much more difficult to include.”

“When you think about trying to make a game like Galaxy 2 from that large group of ideas that we had already decided were on the rough side, that becomes a very difficult project. The only way that we got through the development of Mario Galaxy 2 was by coming up with entirely new ideas. I think of that as a very challenging project when I look back on it.”

“From that perspective, to say we’d make another game using the ideas left over from Galaxy 2, it’s very difficult for me to imagine. I feel like we really did research the field very well for possible ideas and we used everything that was reasonably easy to implement.”