Survey Of 1000 People Shows Wii U Purchasing Intent Increased 50% After E3


A recent survey of 1000 people commissioned by IHS in partnership with parent company Gamer Network, shows that those surveyed showed an increased interest in purchasing a Wii U after last month’s E3 event. 89 percent of Wii U owners also surveyed said they will buy Zelda Wii U when it’s released. You can read the findings of the small survey, right here.

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European Developers Shifting Towards Mobile Devices, PC, And PlayStation 4

A study provided by the Game Developers Conference has revealed that the vast majority of European developers are looking to develop solely for mobile device, PC, and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Interestingly 33 percent of developers says that are looking to develop for the PlayStation 4, and 23 percent for the Xbox One. There were no hard figures for Nintendo platforms.

  • The vast majority of European developers are currently making games for the PC and mobile platforms. 58 percent of surveyed companies are currently working on a PC title, and 65 percent are developing for mobile.
  • Both consoles are gaining developers, but the PS4 has the edge. Almost 20 percent are currently producing a title for the PS4 and 33 percent expect their next games to be on the console.
  • In contrast, only 13 percent of surveyed developers are working on a game for the Xbox One right now, and only 23 percent expect to release their next games on the system.
  • Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly accepted form of financially supporting a game’s development. A full 41 percent of all European developers surveyed are planning on using crowdfunding for future games.

NPD Estimates That There’s Around 34 Million “Core Gamers” In The US

In a recent report from the NPD Group suggests that there are around 35 million “core gamers” in the United States alone. Interestingly the company only defines “core gamers” as those that play five hours or more on Microsoft or Sony consoles, PC, or Mac, and plays certain genres. So presumably Nintendo gamers have been ignored. The NPD Group says there are around 34 million core games, who spend 22 hours a week on average on video games.

“Core gamers are really the lifeblood of the industry, spending tremendous amounts of time on their hobby of choice,” said NPD analyst Liam Callahan. “With the new console generation off to a great start, we can expect the amount of time spent gaming to increase as more core gamers adopt them.”

Nintendo Is The Seventh Company The Japanese Are Most Proud Of (Survey 1000 People)

In a recent survey conducted by business firm Risk Monster the firm asked 1000 Japanese consumers between 20 and 69 years old which Japanese firms the country is the most proud of.  Sony came second in the survey and Nintendo came in seventh place. The companies which were included in the survey had over 250 billion yen in yearly sales and more than 5,000 employees. You can see the list below.

  1. Toyota – 64.5%
  2. Sony – 40.6%
  3. Honda – 40.5%
  4. Panasonic – 36.6%
  5. Nissan – 31.1%
  6. Canon – 29.0%
  7. Nintendo – 26.5%
  8. Hitachi – 26.4%
  9. Bridgestone -26.2%
  10. Toshiba – 25.8%
  11. Sharp – 23.3%
  12. ANA – 22.4%
  13. Yamato – 21.4%
  14. Yamaha – 21.3%
  15. Fujitsu – 21.2%
  16. Mitsubishi – 20.8%
  17. Suntory – 20.6%
  18. Japan Airlines – 19.6%
  19. Ajinomoto – 19.
  20. TOTO – 19.1%

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Nielsen Says 10% Of Gamers Surveyed In US Want To Purchase Wii U

Respected analytic firm Nielsen has conducted a survey to find out which next generation consoles consumers are most interested in. The publication found that 30 percent of active gamers in the United States said they plan on purchasing Sony’s PlayStation 4, 22 percent are shopping for the Xbox One and 10 percent are looking to pick up the Wii U. The most wanted game on Wii U was unsurprisingly the recently released Super Mario 3D World closely followed by Wii Fit U.

EA Ignores Nintendo Devices In Recent Survey

EA Germany has put together a survey asking about gamers gaming habits, but has completely neglected to mention any Nintendo consoles. We already know that EA aren’t big supporters of the Wii U, despite initially putting some games on the platform. It should also be noted that they’ve also failed to mention Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

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