Major UK Retailer GAME Isn’t Stocking Tekken 3D

Eurogamer has discovered that the popular UK video game retailer GAME won’t be stocking Tekken 3D Prime Edition. The source told the publication that Tekken was delayed because Nintendo had not sent the stock to GAME’s warehouse in time for launch. However, we already know that the retailer is currently suffering from financial troubles and wasn’t able to stock new titles a few weeks ago.

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Won’t Feature 3D In Multiplayer Mode

Tekken series producer, Katsuhiro Harada has revealed via the latest Iwata Asks segment that Tekken 3D: Prime Edition won’t feature 3D in wireless multiplayer matches in an effort to retain a steady 60 frames per second.

“In Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, the game supports 60 frames per second during wireless play, but stereoscopic 3D display is not supported.”

Here’s The Nintendo Gamer Magazine Review Scores For Metal Gear Solid 3D, The Last Story And Tekken 3D

UK gaming publication Nintendo Gamer, which was previously called NGamer, has reviewed Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, The Last Story and Tekken Prime 3D Edition. Unfortunately I can’t find any extracts from the reviews, but I can tell you that Metal Gear Solid 3D received 93%, The Last Story for Wii received 85% and Tekken Prime: 3D Edition was awarded 76%. The Metal Gear Solid review score is extremely encouraging.

Check Out The Latest Tekken 3D Trailer For Nintendo 3DS, Plus New Information

Namco Bandai has unleashed a new Tekken 3D: Prime Edition trailer which appears to be a mixture of CGI and Nintendo 3DS gameplay. Tekken 3D:Prime Edition will feature a gargantuan 41 playable characters and has local wireless and online play. Tekken 3D: Prime Edition will be released on February 14th in North America and February 17th in Europe.

Tekken 3D For Nintendo 3DS Gets An Official Release Date

Nintendo has announced via a press release that it’s teaming up with Namco Bandai to launch Tekken 3D Prime Edition across Europe. Tekken 3D Prime Edition is scheduled for release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS across Europe on the 17th February 2012.

Under the terms of the agreement Nintendo will be responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of the game throughout European territories and Australia, with Namco Bandai Games Europe S.A.S. remaining as the publisher.

Nintendo 3DS: Tekken 3D Has Forty Characters And Seven Hundred Cards To Unlock, Plus Runs At 60 FPS

Tekken 3D Prime Edition for the Nintendo 3DS will have a staggering 40+ characters and 700 collectible Tekken cards which have 3D scenes to view which span across the entire Tekken series. Players will get these cards by beating the computer controller characters and also by using the games StreetPass functions. Tekken 3D will run at a full 60 frames per second even when the consoles 3D effect is on. Impressive!