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Check Out Bravely Default: For The Sequel’s TGS Trailer

After new details emerged this month for Bravely Default: For the Sequel, we now have a new trailer directly from the Tokyo Game Show. Square Enix published the trailer yesterday showcasing the game’s beautiful soundtrack and a small tease of the new song by Revo, first heard at TGS. The trailer gives us some insight into the battle features, the new save slots, and additional content from the title’s predecessor, Flying Fairy.  Bravely Default: For the Sequel on the Nintendo 3DS is due to land in December for Japan and Europe, with North America receiving the game next year. Let us know what you think of the above trailer in the comments below.

Over 70% Of Games At TGS Are For Smartphones And Tablets, Only Two For Wii U

Out of a total of 715 games that were at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, 507 were for smartphones and tablets. In comparison, there were a mere 41 for Nintendo platforms – 34 for Nintendo 3DS, five for Wii and two for Wii U, which will launch in Japan on December 8th.

Games At Tokyo Game Show 2012:

  • Smartphones & Tablets: 507
  • PlayStation 3: 57
  • Nintendo 3DS: 34
  • PC: 32
  • PSP: 30
  • PlayStation Vita: 24
  • Xbox 360: 24
  • Wii: 5
  • Wii U: 2

Demonstration Stage For Wii U Dragon Quest X Will Be Held At TGS

Square Enix said last week that the first details regarding Wii U’s version of Dragon Quest X will be revealed during TGS. The publisher recently announced that there will be a stage at TGS dedicated to the enhanced version of the game. The stage is called “Dragon Quest X Wii U Demonstration” and will be hosted by the game’s producer, Yousuke Saito. TGS will be held from September 20th to September 23rd.

Square Enix To Reveal Dragon Quest X Wii U Details At TGS

Dragon Quest X for Wii launched in Japan on August 2nd, but we don’t know much about Wii U’s version of the game; we’ve only heard that it is totally fun and extremely beautuful. Square Enix, the game’s developer and publisher, has confirmed that details regarding the Wii U version will be shared during this year’s TGS, which will be held from September 20th to September 23rd.

Monster Hunter 4 And Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney Playable At Tokyo Game Show

Level 5’s Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney and Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 for Nintendo 3DS will be playable at this years Tokyo Game Show. No Wii U, Wii or Nintendo DS games are scheduled to be at the event, but there will be thirteen Nintendo 3DS games on display. Tokyo Game Show kicks off on Thursday, September 20th.

Official Nintendo Magazine Editor: ‘Loads Of Third-Party Stuff Coming To Wii U’

According to Official Nintendo Magazine editor Chandra Nair, there are loads of unannounced third-party content for Wii U. Nair says that his favorite part from last month’s E3 was finding out about all the third-party Wii U games that weren’t revealed to the public. Nair thinks that we will hear plenty of third-party announcements for Wii U at Gamescom or TGS.

“It’s actually a moment I cant talk about, because my favourite bit of E3 was finding out about all the cool third party stuff that’s coming for the Wii U, which they decided not to talk about, which was awesome. So I just want to say yeah, there’s loads of third party stuff coming which I reckon we might see at Gamescom, or we might see at TGS, but its coming. That was my favourite bit because everyone was saying ‘No one’s bringing out anything for Wii U,’ and I saw some cool things.”