The Cave Developer Says Developers Are Unsure What To Do With Wii U


The Cave developer and industry veteran Ron Gilbert believes that developers are struggling to come up with new and original concepts for Wii U. He went on to say that a number of people in the development community with Wii U development kits are struggling to work out what to do with it from an innovation standpoint. Gilbert says that it will probably be about a year before you start to see games just completely nail exactly what that controller is for.

“What we experienced with the Wii U is probably what a lot of developers experienced with the Wii U, which is, ‘What do we do with it?.”

“It was this really neat secondary controller that has a screen and you can do different things on it. When I talked to my friends who were designing games for the Wii U, it’s like, ‘We don’t quite know what to do with it’.”

“It’ll probably be about a year before you start to see games just completely nail exactly what that controller is for.”

The Cave Release Dates And Price Announced

the_cave_screenshotPublisher Sega has announced the release dates and price of developer Double Fine’s upcoming platformer, The Cave. This month, on January 22nd, The Cave launches in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and PlayStation Network. A day later, on January 23rd, the game will hit Xbox Live Arcade and Steam. All versions of The Cave will cost $14.99.

The Cave On Wii U Uses GamePad For Camera And Character, Will Look Identical To 360, PS3


Chris Remo, community manager and writer at Double Fine Productions, has told Joystiq that The Cave for Wii U will utilise the GamePad for camera and character switching. The publication says that the GamePad is simply a glorified character selector and camera controller, and that’s it. Remo also stated that the game will be pretty much identical to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

“So other than that, it pretty much plays like all the other versions. We did work really hard to ensure that visually everything you’re seeing is identical to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, so there’s no downscaling, there’s nothing going on that is not up to par with the other next-gen systems. There’s nothing super wacky going on, but it’s a completely full-featured version of the game.”

Upcoming Platformer ‘The Cave’ Confirmed For Wii U

The Cave, which is being developed by Double Fine Productions and will be published by Sega, is coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console. The game’s director, Ron Gilbert, has confirmed that The Cave will be a downloadable title and will launch early 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

Double Fine Presents New Game “The Cave”

Double Fine Production has officially announced their new game which is titled The Cave. News of Ron Gilbert’s next spectacular 2D adventure franchise leaked earlier this week when it was revealed that Sega is publishing the game. The Cave is described by Kotaku as a mix between Manic Mansion with a little Metroidvania thrown in for good measure. It’s expected to be released sometime next year, so expect to hear plenty about the game at E3.