Pokken Tournament Isn’t For Children; Possible Western Release

Pokken Tournament, the Bandai Namco Tekken-Pokemon hybrid, is being made with adults in mind. This comes by way of interviews on Imagine-Nation with The Pokemon Company’s President Tsunskazy Ishihara and Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada.

Considering that many of the people in the generation who experienced Red and Green are now nearing their thirties, and those who were in elementary school then are now in university, we aimed to make a game for those who grew up playing Pokémon—rather than just target children, The bottom line is, we want to show adults that this is the new Pokémon, and get them to play.

Adding onto that comment, Ishihara let fans know that possibility exists that Pokken Tournament will have an overseas release. However, there is no word on whether the game will be making it to our home consoles, however the games hit arcades July 16th in Japan.

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Pokemon Company Explains How It Retains The Pokemon Franchise’s Popularity

The Pokemon Company has explained how it attempts to retain the popularity of the Pokemon franchise, which is almost 20 years old. J.C. Smith, the director of consumer marketing for the firm, says that the beloved series constantly aims to cater toward players of all ages. According to Smith, Pokemon games are designed to be easily-accessible to newcomers – in addition to containing multiple elements that longtime fans will understand and appreciate.

“We do have to find that balance as marketers, because we want kids that are just coming into it to realize it’s established but it’s not exclusive,” said Smith in an interview. “You don’t have to have been playing for 25 years to understand what’s going on. You can get in and the game will explain itself to you, then you can get into the depth that everyone’s talking about. So that’s very important for us to be able to have that accessibility. But then there’s things like we did here, with the Mega Slowbro reveal. We want something to play to the audience that’s more into the franchise and has been playing it for years and knows these characters intimately, and has their favorites that they want to see in Mega form. So we find that balance the fun part.”

Pokemon World Championships Twitch Stream Goes Live This Weekend, August 16 – 17

More than 500 of the world¹s best Pokémon TCG and video game players from more than 30 countries are traveling to the 2014 Pokémon World Championships this weekend to battle for the coveted title of Pokémon World Champion. Fans of the World Championships can get excited for the event by watching the video above. Here’s a reminder of when you can watch the Twitch streams between August 16 and 17, which you can view when the event begins at the link, here:

2014 Pokémon World Championships Live Stream Schedule
Saturday, August 16
  • 9:00 a.m. EST – Opening Ceremony
  • 9:30 a.m. EST – 5:00 p.m. EST – Pokémon Video Game Streaming
  • 5:00 p.m. EST – 9:00 p.m. EST – Pokémon TCG Streaming
Sunday, August 17
  • 9:00 a.m. EST – TCG Masters top 4
  • 10:00 a.m. EST – 3:00 p.m. EST – Pokémon TCG Finals (Junior, Senior, and Masters Divisions)
  • 3:00 p.m. EST – 6:00 p.m. EST – Pokémon Video Game Finals (Junior, Senior, and Masters Divisions)
  • 6:00 p.m. EST – Closing Ceremony

Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon Now Available For U.S. X & Y Owners

Update: Vivillon is apparently available across North America, not just the U.S. as the Tweet initially stated.

To celebrate the grand opening of the Pokemon Center online store for U.S, the Pokemon Company has revealed fans will be able to obtain an exclusive Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon. Those who own a copy of Pokemon X or Y can download the special-patterned Pokemon via the Nintendo Network. However, this elusive Vivillon is only available to game owners in U.S.

Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon joins the Fancy Pattern Vivillon distributed last month to celebrate over 100 million trades via the Global Trade Station in Pokemon X and Y. The special Pokemon until August 12 – just under a week’s time, so make sure you act quickly. Check out the step-by-step instructions below if you’re unsure of how to obtain it.

To get Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon:

  1. Connect your Nintendo 3DS system to the Internet.
  2. Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
  3. Select Receive Gift, then Yes.
  4. Select Get Via Internet, then Yes.
  5. Watch as you receive Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon!
  6. Speak to the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center to receive your Vivillon.
  7. Remember to save your game!

The Pokemon Center Online Store For U.S Has Officially Opened

pokemon_center_bannerThe Pokemon Company’s official merchandise website has now opened. Fans of the franchise can have a gander at everything from Pokemon t-shirts and hats, to cute Pikachu and Froakie plushies, as well as Pokemon motif stationery on the pokemoncenter.com. However, the website is currently experiencing some technical difficulties and has closed some parts temporarily to the public – possibly due to high volumes of traffic from the grand opening.

Last month, we reported the Pokemon Company had been surprising fans over Twitter with Pokemon-related gifts from the online store. Unfortunately the U.S store is only available to ship to and within continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO. European fans will have to hold tight for now and stick to the pop-up Pokemon Center stores, with the most recent arriving in Paris back in June.

Fans Concerned Over Alleged Cheating In Latest US Pokemon Tournament

The Pokemon National Championships concluded just last weekend but concerned fans have noticed cheating may have been afoot within the US tournament. The allegations have brought three-time champion Ray Rizzo under fire, who has since responded to the issue saying he passed all random checks for legitimate Pokemon before the tournament begun.

Ray Rizzo – though he did not win the tournament this year – was believed to have allegedly cheated during the tournament by using a tampered Aegislash, which appeared from a Dream Ball. For those who are unaware, Dream Balls were used in Pokemon Black / White and allowed players to transfer their Pokemon online for certain items in the Dream World.

Considering the Dream World was closed earlier this year, along with the knowledge that Aegislash is exclusive to Pokemon X & Y, fans immediately issued their worries to the Pokemon Company. Though a ruling is yet to be found, Ray Rizzo has expressed his opinion to those in a formal statement on Facebook, believing the Aegislash was possibly bred with two hacked parents, though he had no knowledge of this before the tournament.  You can head on over to the Twitch stream and see the moment Aegislash popped from the Dream Ball around the 1 hour 37 mark.

“Basically someone who I’m not going to mention because people might troll them over this and I don’t want that to happen, unknowingly bred a presumably hacked dream ball Aegislash and the ball passed down from one of the parents, so the completely legit baby Aegislash ended up having a dream ball too. The person who bred it for me didn’t notice because they thought the parents were perfectly fine. So then they traded the baby Aegislash to me so I could EV train it and use it.

“Let me tell you I don’t know anything about in-game [poke balls]. I have maybe 60 hours of game time and I couldn’t tell you the difference between a dream ball and a dusk ball, so I had absolutely no idea it was in a dream ball. I just take my Pokemon through Nintendo’s hack check online on battle spot and at the competitions and they’re totally fine because they are always bred completely [legitimately], so I go ahead and use it.”

Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire Remakes Announced For Nintendo 3DS

The Pokemon Company has today announced two new remakes for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Titled Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire the new games will supply a “fresh take” on the series and are due for worldwide release this November on both the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. Much speculation has occurred in gaming circles between Pokemon fans for new remakes to the classic titles, including various hints in Pokemon X and Y. Now, we’ve got official confirmation, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Plus, make sure you check out the teaser trailer above and a snippet of the press release below. 

“Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are a fresh take on Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, which launched in 2003 and were fan-favourite hits on the Game Boy Advance system. The new titles promise to take players through a dramatic story within a spectacular new world.”