Rumour: The Mii Fighter Amiibo Could Be Toys R Us Exclusive

This is only a rumour at present but it would seem as though the Mii Fighter amiibo collection of figurines could well be exclusive to Toys R Us. Toys for Games recently tweeted an image showing the figures with a Toys R Us exclusive logo over them. As I said before it’s only a rumour at present, but it doesn’t sound too far fetched going by other amiibo. Guess we shall have to wait and see!

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Bowser Jr. amiibo Will Be US Retail Exclusive At Toys R Us

It’s fitting that Bowser Jr. will be an exclusive to the store with the slogan “where a kid can be a kid.” The amiibo of the koopa kid and his flying clown car will be exclusively available at Toys R Us on Sept. 11 to US customers, the company announced Wednesday on Twitter. Bowser Jr. will be only available for purchase in-store only and while supplies last.

Pre-order Splatoon At Toys R Us And Get Any Amiibo For $5


Now this is a good incentive to pre-order Splatoon in the United States. If you decide to pre-order the super colourful shooter at Toys R Us then you can grab an amiibo of your choice for only $5. Who knows what amiibo will be in stock at your local store? But if you’re after a certain one then you had better get down there rather quickly.

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Toys R Us Requiring Credit Card Application To Preorder Greninja Amiibo?

Due to the popular demand of Greninja amiibo pre-orders online at Toys R Us, they organised an in-store pre-order event ahead of the amiibo release on May 29th. However, it looks like some stores– like Fort Myers, Florida– are taking advantage of the popularity, and allowing early entry to those willing to apply for a credit card. Tsk, tsk. This means that those under age or who already have a credit card are going to miss out on the chance to pre-order amiibo, because they have to wait until the actual event opening time.

It seems the story is different across different stores, some stores handed out pre-order tickets so you still had as much chance of getting your pre-order, you just had to wait longer. But some stores seem to have abandoned the tickets, resulting in an unfair system. Maybe they weren’t quite expecting the avid fans and giant queues, and are still trying to learn what works. But after already messing up the online pre-order by allowing some people to order from midnight and not others, looks like amiibo hunters aren’t very happy with Toys R Us.

Buy 1 Get 1 40% Off Amiibo Offer In US Toys R Us

toys_r_us_US_amiibo_games_figures_accessories_offer_disney_infinity_skylandersToys R Us in the US are offering Buy 1 Get 1 40% Off on all Amiibo games, figures and game accessories from April 26th to May 2nd, but in-store only. If you have that Amiibo figure you’ve been waiting to get your hands on, now might be the time to do it! Hopefully there’ll be some UK offers popping up soon.

Toys R Us Canada Offering $10 Off Select Amiibo Compatible Wii U Games

If you live in Canada or happen to be there, get yourselves down to your local Toys R Us before the end of the month to grab select amiibo compatible Wii U games, like Mario Kart 8 or Hyrule Warriors, for $10 off. It’s not a bad deal, it’d be nice if the rest of the world had it. The offer ends in 5 days on the 30th April, so you better hurry!

You’ll Have Another Chance To Get The Greninja Amiibo From Toys R Us

Greninja sold out in a ridiculous amount of time when he went up for sale at Toys R Us. I would imagine that very few of you were able to get your hands on one, so it’s great to hear that Toys R Us will be reopening pre-orders. You will soon be able to pre-order Greninja at physical store locations on Monday, April 27th. However, Toys R Us have said that they will be offering “extremely limited quantities per store.”

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