Grab A Chance To Have Your Mario Maker Courses Played On Nintendo’s Twitch Stream

The Nintendo UK Twitter account has asked Super Mario Makers to reply with their course ID’s to be in with a chance to have their courses played on Nintendo’s Twitch stream on Tuesday.

For this week’s challenge, Nintendo is looking for movie themed courses. Which movie would you like to re-create in Super Mario Maker?




Check Out Some Awesome Nintendo Artwork

Update: It turns out that the original artist for these lovely pieces of artwork is sakimichan on deviantart

Twitter user @ArtWork_Am has posted some gorgeous Nintendo artwork for you to cast your eyes on.

The artist has covered Nintendo characters such as Princess Peach, Rosalina, and just today a colourful Majora’s Mask. You can check them out in the gallery below:

Original Source / Via

Nintendo Won’t Promise On Waluigi Game, Restaurant Not Out Of The Question

It has been only hours since Nintendo has released an official statement declaring they would never dare to change Waluigi’s name. In another day of Waluigi news, Nintendo (in response to years of requests asking for a Waluigi game) announced that they are unwilling to promise a solo game for the forgotten purple foe. However, they are up for possibly franchising his name out to popular restaurants:

In other words, the Twitter PR rep for Nintendo needs a raise, and we need a Nintendo Direct so there is real news to report on.

Nintendo Reveals Tri Force Heroes’ Placement In The Official Zelda Timeline

Nintendo of America has taken to Twitter to answer fan questions about the newest game starring everyone’s favorite green-garbed hero. Last week, the company provided a list of questions about The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes and asked fans to vote for which five they wanted answered.

The votes must be in, as Nintendo has responded to the first question: “Where does the game fall in the series timeline?” In the tweet, which you can see below, it’s claimed that the game is a sequel to A Link Between Worlds and features the same Link, now costumed to “hide his heroic origins.” The post then recommends playing A Link Between Worlds to get more background information on the character–leading some to believe that this was a marketing decision rather than a creative one. It’ll be interesting to see which of the other questions are chosen, and how their answers compare!


Rihanna Dressed Up Like A Pokemon Gym Leader

Pop star Rihanna was spotted out and about dressed up as what one can only describe as a Pokemon Gym Leader. The star’s look was spotted by Buzzfeed and numerous Twitter users who even sketched up what Rihanna would look like if she was in the Pokemon universe. Other users have spotted that Rihanna has a trend of possibly dressing up as other Nintendo characters including Princess Peach and Yoshi. It’s certainly a cool and interesting look from Rihanna.


The Voice Of Mario Will Be A Special Guest On Nintendo UK’s Mario Maker Twitch Stream

Nintendo UK announced earlier today via Twitter that the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, will be featuring as a special guest on their live Twitch stream of Super Mario Maker this Friday. It looks like Charles will be a busy man this week, as we posted yesterday that he will be attending GAME Hamleys store in the UK on the day prior to the game’s release too.

The stream will be live at 5pm GMT and will run for an hour. So if you’re not too busy creating your own Mario Maker levels, you can check out the live stream here.

Mini Splatling is Coming To Splatoon

Good news for those of you who are on the look out for a brand new weapon in Splatoon as Nintendo UK has announced via Twitter that the Mini Splatling will be coming tomorrow. No doubt this is going to blast to use, but tricky to master.

Thanks, Fred