Splatoon Devs Reveal In-Game Clothing Shop And Additional Artwork

The official Splatoon Twitter account has showcased yet another in-game store for the upcoming Wii U game. The new clothing store will join the weapon and headgear stores unveiled last week to compete for your hard-earned battle money and, of course, will be owned by another peculiar-looking store clerk. According to translations, the clothing store named “Sas au Bon” will have a range of unisex t-shirts and tops with specific perks attached to pump up your characters fighting skills.

If you were hoping to purchase a full outfit, though, you’ll be hopelessly searching as store clerk Echizon refuses to stock bottom halves. Presumably it’s because he can’t wear them as a blue jellyfish – his tentacles need the room. Echizon’s unique speech pattern can make him difficult to understand, yet despite this he’s still a forward-thinker and fashion guru in the field. You can check out his cool style in the artwork below.


Splatoon Devs Showcase More Character Artwork and New Headgear Shop

The official Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon has revealed a few more tidbits about the intricacies of the upcoming shooter for Wii U. Today, the developer team showcases the Headgear store in their tweet – a counterpart to the weapons store owned by Bukichi the horseshoe crab unveiled earlier this week.

A new character named Anemo, stylised with a clown fish from the sea anemone in her colourful hair, greets players as front of house. Translations suggest that she’s known for selling items such as hats, glasses, headphones and gas masks in the “Okashira-dou” store, with its rather unusual layout as can be seen above. It’s not hard to spot Nemo in the character artwork below, either. Splatoon will be released for Wii U in May 2015.


Splatoon Devs Reveal New Character Artwork And Weapon Shop Layout

The official Splatoon Twitter account has revealed a number of new characters over the past few weeks through artwork and screenshots. And today, the developers at Squid Research Lab have showcased Bukichi, a horseshoe crab in charge of the weapon shop within the game. Given he’s such a fan of military weapons, you’ll find him working away at The Camboulit Arms. Players will be able to purchase a variety of in-game weapons according to their skill levels. Make sure you check out the lovely artwork below, along with the translations from the development team. Splatoon is due to release for the Wii U in May 2015.


This is “Bukichi”, the horseshoe crab who runs the weapon shop ‘Camboulit Arms’. He passionately loves his weapons; a genuine military fanatic. As a result of staying up late every night messing around with the small parts, he has developed extreme short-sightedness. That’s why you should do things in moderation….


This is ‘Camboulit Arms’ which deal in weapons you can use in battle. Although known for being polite to the point of being long-winded, it seems they don’t sell weapons to players that would put them out of balance. You’ll need fight lots of battles to get experience in order to gain favor with the shopkeeper so he will sell more weapons to you.

Retro Studios Is Finally On Twitter

Everyone’s favourite developer Retro Studios have finally joined Twitter. The company previously posted on Facebook so it’s nice to see them on the flourishing social network . The company previously teased that they might revamp their website which could do with a bit of love and care. Let’s hope they’re ready to show off their next project which they’ve been working on for quite some time.

The Game Awards 2014 Will Showcase More Than A Dozen World Premiers

Next Friday should be an entertaining night as The Game Awards 2014 will kick off. The host, Geoff Keighley, has confirmed on Twitter that the event will showcase more than a dozen world premiers for new and upcoming games. Keighley also promises that there will be some new game announcements to look forward to. What would you like to see premier at The Game Awards 2014?

Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have A Deeper Sci-Fi Storyline Compared To Past Games

Xenoblade Chronicles X will have a deeper and more intricate sci-fi storyline in comparison to the franchise’s past games – according to the game’s director Tetsuya Takahashi. Earlier today, the Monolith Soft director revealed via Twitter that Xenoblade’s script writer Yuichiro Takeda has taken the helm as main scriptwriter once again for the latest instalment on the Wii U. But it was through Takahashi’s direction that gave Takeda the go-ahead to write a much heavier sci-fi script rather than the classical fantasy storyline of Xenoblade.

Takahashi also mentioned to fans of the franchise that composer Hiroyuki Sawano – most known for his work on Attack on Titan and other anime shows such as Sengoku Basara II – will be in control of the game’s sound, while Xenoblade artist Kunihiko Tanaka returns to his lead role in character design. The Xenoblade Chronicles X director said the following on Twitter:

“After the basic fantasy story for [Xenoblade], we’re having [Takeda] write a deep and distinctive sci-fi story this time around.

“I’ve known Mr. Tanaka for a long time, but this time I asked for his cooperation to bring out the Xeno-ness in the art.”

Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Says The Game Is Now Almost Complete

Great news for those looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X as the director has revealed that the game is now almost complete. Xenoblade Executive Director Tetsuya Takahashi announced the news via Twitter where he also shared some more tidbits about the highly anticipated Sci Fi RPG. Here’s what he had to say to the fans.

“The development [of Xenoblade Chronicles X] did have its twists and turns, but we were able to finish up (just a little more until it’s complete) Xenoblade Chronicles X in the sci-fi world we aimed for from the beginning in a seamless open-world with online play, and I feel that we were able to overcome several obstacles as far as game development goes.”

“With the vast world that was shown when Iwata-san introduced the game in the Nintendo Direct the other day, it would bring me great pleasure to have you folks get to thoroughly explore it.”

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