Nintendo Plans To Host Puzzle & Dragons Twitter Takeover This Week

Nintendo of America is planning to host a Puzzle & Dragons Twitter Takeover on May 19 from 1 to 3 p.m. PT. During the two-hour event, there will be game trivia, scavenger hunts and a “special guest” appearance. Nintendo will also be answering some of the questions that fans have about the game. In addition, participants will have a chance to win a copy of Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition.

Nicalis Posts Image Of Binding Of Isaac Rebirth On The New Nintendo 3DS

It’s been a long time coming but owners of the New Nintendo 3DS will eventually be able to play The Binding of Isaac Rebirth on their handheld. Developer Nicalis teased fans with an image of the game in action on Twitter which had a few people salivating at the mouth for the New Nintendo 3DS version. As I’ve mentioned in the post the game will only be playable on the New Nintendo 3DS and not then original Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL.


Bill Trinen Messes Up Firing Joke From E3 Announcement On Twitter


Nintendo just announced their plans for E3, introducing back the Nintendo World Championship in a funny and pleasant video. Part of the video at the end joked that Bill Trinen was fired, but if you saw his Twitter earlier on, it looks like he spoiled that joke. He had tweeted an hour earlier saying: “I guess nothing can last forever.” Shocking Nintendo fans into thinking he’d left, when in reality it was supposed to be part of the joke, which he’d tweeted an hour early after getting confused with timezones! He’d also changed his Twitter bio to “used to work at Nintendo” but since then he’s changed it to “still works at Nintendo.” Poor Bill, Time zones are hard!

Unlock Loads Of Awesome Yoshi Patterns In Yoshi’s Woolly World

Nintendo of Europe just tweeted revealing that in the upcoming Yoshi’s Woolly World, if you collect the 5 Wonder Wools in each level, you’ll unlock a new, unique pattern for your Yarn Yoshi. A different pattern for each level means loads of new patterns, so your Yoshi can be tailored to suit you. This adds more challenge to the game, as you’ll probably want to collect all the Wonder Wools to see what pattern you can unlock! Its such a lovely little addition. Take a look at some of the patterns in the adorable video embedded above, with an amazing abundance of Yarn Yoshis.

Nintendo Of America Twitter Makes Awkward Typo #WiggerWednesday

nintendo_of_america_twitter_wigger_wednesdayOops! Nintendo of America wanted to invite you to decide which is better, Waluigi Wednesday or Wiggler Wednesday. But looks like someone’s fingers slipped on the keyboard, resulting in this slightly inappropriate hashtag, #WiggerWednesday. They were quick on the ball though as it was immediately deleted, but someone was quicker and managed to grab a screenshot. Looks like an employee might be getting a slap on the wrist, poor guy.


Rumour Update: Twilight Princess 3D Rumour Busted?

If you saw our previous post, you’ll know there’s a little rumour going around that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess could be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, after someone apparently got a hit on StreetPass of someone who’d recently been playing Twilight Princess 3D.

Obviously being assumed to be a fake, twitter user TaDavidID then posted a photo of his full console to add some credibility.

But, we still weren’t convinced. So, as he promised, he posted a Vine of him bumping into the Mii on StreetPass again. It’s enough to get your heart racing a bit, especially when other people have tweeted about finding the same thing.

A reddit user pointed out that these can easily be faked through the use of Homebrew applications, to make it look like you’re playing any game which, according to this report, looks like what happened.

9MID1BbThey had me going for a minute there, but this is likely to be fake, as much as we’d all love to see a remake of Twilight Princess.


Here’s Some More Information Regarding Soul Voice And Dialogue In Xenoblade Chronicles X

The Japanese Twitter account for Xenoblade Chronicles X has been busy as of late providing a whole host of interesting information related to the forthcoming Wii U exclusive JRPG. The latest tweet talks about the Soul Voice battle system and also the extensive dialogue that will feature in the game, which is due out this year.

Soul Voice, as thoroughly introduced during the Battle Presentation, will allow for lively battles, expanding on Xenoblade. It was hard work coming up with character-specific dialogue for the 20 avatar voices + the the set sub-characters, in addition to the audio recording of all of it which was also an effort. …Yes, the Soul Voice dialogue will vary depending on the personality of your avatar.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation