Rumour: Monolith Soft Are Making An Xenoblade Chronicles X Sequel For The NX

A rumour posted on TiLMENDOMiNATiON’s Twitter page suggests that Monolith Soft are in the process of making a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles X for the NX. Tilmen suggests that it would be more story based, and will allow you to transfer your save data from its Wii U predecessor.

At the moment, this is just a rumour, but here’s to hoping it’s true. If it is, more information should come to light in the coming months surrounding this.


Thanks, N-Dub Nation

Twitter Opens @TwitterGaming Account

Recently, Twitter opened a verified Twitter gaming account under the username @twittergaming.

The account has only posted a “hello” Tweet so far, and the Twitter bio reads: “Highlighting best practices and innovative uses of Twitter in video games and gaming.” but it has already attracted over 5,000 followers to date.

In future, it may work similar to the @twittersports account, which retweets related content and news on a regular basis.

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Check Out Some Christmas Themed Super Mario Maker Courses

To get you in the festive spirit this morning, Nintendo has been sharing some Christmas themed Super Mario Maker courses via Twitter. The courses are made by fans, and there are some interesting creations. Here’s a few of them:

Have you created any Christmas themed courses yet? If so share them below!


New Pokken Tournament Fighter Will Be Announced On December 10th

The official Pokken Tournament Twitter account has revealed that a brand new fighter and support character will be revealed on Thursday, December 10th. This has clearly left people guessing as to who this character might be. People seem to be speculating that it will Sceptile but we won’t find out for sure till December 10th.

The only hint provided is that the new fighter Pokemon’s Japanese name contains the “ン” character (an “n” by itself, without a vowel).

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Grab A Chance To Have Your Mario Maker Courses Played On Nintendo’s Twitch Stream

The Nintendo UK Twitter account has asked Super Mario Makers to reply with their course ID’s to be in with a chance to have their courses played on Nintendo’s Twitch stream on Tuesday.

For this week’s challenge, Nintendo is looking for movie themed courses. Which movie would you like to re-create in Super Mario Maker?




Check Out Some Awesome Nintendo Artwork

Update: It turns out that the original artist for these lovely pieces of artwork is sakimichan on deviantart

Twitter user @ArtWork_Am has posted some gorgeous Nintendo artwork for you to cast your eyes on.

The artist has covered Nintendo characters such as Princess Peach, Rosalina, and just today a colourful Majora’s Mask. You can check them out in the gallery below:

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Nintendo Won’t Promise On Waluigi Game, Restaurant Not Out Of The Question

It has been only hours since Nintendo has released an official statement declaring they would never dare to change Waluigi’s name. In another day of Waluigi news, Nintendo (in response to years of requests asking for a Waluigi game) announced that they are unwilling to promise a solo game for the forgotten purple foe. However, they are up for possibly franchising his name out to popular restaurants:

In other words, the Twitter PR rep for Nintendo needs a raise, and we need a Nintendo Direct so there is real news to report on.