Nintendo Of America Twitter Makes Awkward Typo #WiggerWednesday

nintendo_of_america_twitter_wigger_wednesdayOops! Nintendo of America wanted to invite you to decide which is better, Waluigi Wednesday or Wiggler Wednesday. But looks like someone’s fingers slipped on the keyboard, resulting in this slightly inappropriate hashtag, #WiggerWednesday. They were quick on the ball though as it was immediately deleted, but someone was quicker and managed to grab a screenshot. Looks like an employee might be getting a slap on the wrist, poor guy.


Rumour Update: Twilight Princess 3D Rumour Busted?

If you saw our previous post, you’ll know there’s a little rumour going around that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess could be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, after someone apparently got a hit on StreetPass of someone who’d recently been playing Twilight Princess 3D.

Obviously being assumed to be a fake, twitter user TaDavidID then posted a photo of his full console to add some credibility.

But, we still weren’t convinced. So, as he promised, he posted a Vine of him bumping into the Mii on StreetPass again. It’s enough to get your heart racing a bit, especially when other people have tweeted about finding the same thing.

A reddit user pointed out that these can easily be faked through the use of Homebrew applications, to make it look like you’re playing any game which, according to this report, looks like what happened.

9MID1BbThey had me going for a minute there, but this is likely to be fake, as much as we’d all love to see a remake of Twilight Princess.


Here’s Some More Information Regarding Soul Voice And Dialogue In Xenoblade Chronicles X

The Japanese Twitter account for Xenoblade Chronicles X has been busy as of late providing a whole host of interesting information related to the forthcoming Wii U exclusive JRPG. The latest tweet talks about the Soul Voice battle system and also the extensive dialogue that will feature in the game, which is due out this year.

Soul Voice, as thoroughly introduced during the Battle Presentation, will allow for lively battles, expanding on Xenoblade. It was hard work coming up with character-specific dialogue for the 20 avatar voices + the the set sub-characters, in addition to the audio recording of all of it which was also an effort. …Yes, the Soul Voice dialogue will vary depending on the personality of your avatar.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

Splatoon Devs Showcase New Character Artwork Alongside Shoe Store

The official Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon has showcased additional artwork today along with a new in-game shoe store. For players who cannot wait to accessorise their squid avatars in Nintendo’s upcoming third-person shooter, the newest store named Shrimps Shoes aims to keep your feet comfortable without substituting ones own unique style. Joining the weapon, clothing and headgear stores revealed last month, Shrimps Shoes is owned by the rather glorious and friendly Japanese tiger prawn Rob.

According to translations, store clerk Rob is always seen in his crispy fried jacket and hat, along with many of his own shoes given he’s definitely got the legs for them. Contrary to popular belief, his jacket is merely part of ongoing fashion trends, he’s never been cooked. His official Splatoon artwork can be seen below. Splatoon is due for release on Wii U this May.



Splatoon Devs Reveal In-Game Clothing Shop And Additional Artwork

The official Splatoon Twitter account has showcased yet another in-game store for the upcoming Wii U game. The new clothing store will join the weapon and headgear stores unveiled last week to compete for your hard-earned battle money and, of course, will be owned by another peculiar-looking store clerk. According to translations, the clothing store named “Sas au Bon” will have a range of unisex t-shirts and tops with specific perks attached to pump up your characters fighting skills.

If you were hoping to purchase a full outfit, though, you’ll be hopelessly searching as store clerk Echizon refuses to stock bottom halves. Presumably it’s because he can’t wear them as a blue jellyfish – his tentacles need the room. Echizon’s unique speech pattern can make him difficult to understand, yet despite this he’s still a forward-thinker and fashion guru in the field. You can check out his cool style in the artwork below.


Splatoon Devs Showcase More Character Artwork and New Headgear Shop

The official Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon has revealed a few more tidbits about the intricacies of the upcoming shooter for Wii U. Today, the developer team showcases the Headgear store in their tweet – a counterpart to the weapons store owned by Bukichi the horseshoe crab unveiled earlier this week.

A new character named Anemo, stylised with a clown fish from the sea anemone in her colourful hair, greets players as front of house. Translations suggest that she’s known for selling items such as hats, glasses, headphones and gas masks in the “Okashira-dou” store, with its rather unusual layout as can be seen above. It’s not hard to spot Nemo in the character artwork below, either. Splatoon will be released for Wii U in May 2015.


Splatoon Devs Reveal New Character Artwork And Weapon Shop Layout

The official Splatoon Twitter account has revealed a number of new characters over the past few weeks through artwork and screenshots. And today, the developers at Squid Research Lab have showcased Bukichi, a horseshoe crab in charge of the weapon shop within the game. Given he’s such a fan of military weapons, you’ll find him working away at The Camboulit Arms. Players will be able to purchase a variety of in-game weapons according to their skill levels. Make sure you check out the lovely artwork below, along with the translations from the development team. Splatoon is due to release for the Wii U in May 2015.


This is “Bukichi”, the horseshoe crab who runs the weapon shop ‘Camboulit Arms’. He passionately loves his weapons; a genuine military fanatic. As a result of staying up late every night messing around with the small parts, he has developed extreme short-sightedness. That’s why you should do things in moderation….


This is ‘Camboulit Arms’ which deal in weapons you can use in battle. Although known for being polite to the point of being long-winded, it seems they don’t sell weapons to players that would put them out of balance. You’ll need fight lots of battles to get experience in order to gain favor with the shopkeeper so he will sell more weapons to you.