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If You’re At Comic Con Then Nintendo May Send You A Demo For Smash Bros 3DS

If you’re attending San Diego Comic Con then you may get the chance to download a demo for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo is asking fans to take a photo of their whereabouts at San Diego Comic Con, compose a tweet with the photo and the hashtag #BringMeSmash, and a Nintendo employee may decide to come on over and allow you to play a a demo of the highly anticipated game while you’re at the event.

Update: IGN says it’s actually Nintendo employees that will show up with a demo of Super Smash Bros. The winner will enjoy a brief hands-on session as a prize.


Nintendo Of Canada Officially Joins Twitter

Nintendo’s Canadian branch has officially joined Twitter. Fans can follow the official handle for Nintendo of Canada for Canadian-specific offers, news, special events and more. The firm’s very first tweet, which was sent out on July 1, wished its followers a happy Canada Day. Earlier this year, Nintendo of Canada hosted a unique competition to promote the Wii U-exclusive game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


Nintendo Dominates E3 Twitter Talk With Mentions In 47% Of All Expo Tweets

Nintendo caused a social media storm at this year’s E3 by becoming the most talked about games company on Twitter. According to social media monitoring service Crimson Hexagon, Nintendo dominated last week’s E3 event with 47 per cent of all related tweets mentioning the company. The most popular tweet was from Nintendo of America’s official account teasing Shigeru Miyamoto’s appearance on the Treehouse live-stream.

Among other popular tweets was one from Twitter user @dropkickpikachu saying: “”Nintendo has just shown more playable female character’s in one game preview than the other companies have all E3 so far.” Crimson Hexagon also reports that the Nintendo hashtag was used 30,000 times during the event, while #e32014 up to 55,000 times.

Competitors Sony and Microsoft took 28 and 25 per cent of the Twitter conversation, respectively. It’s clear Nintendo shined at last week’s gaming event with the addition of Treehouse live-streams on top of its Digital Event – did you contribute to Nintendo’s social media storm? Let us know in the comments below .


Mario Kart 8 News Coming Tomorrow From Nintendo World Store

The Nintendo World Store has tweeted that it has some exclusive Mario Kart 8 information to share with fans sometime tomorrow. The tweet says that the announcement will “flip your world upside down” so it should hopefully be interesting.

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Gamasutra Claims Nintendo Has Banned Its Head Of Indie Relations From Twitter

Dan Adelman, who is the head of Nintendo’s indie initiative, is apparently no longer allowed to access popular social network, Twitter. The main issue is is that reaching Dan on Twitter was one of the main points of contact for fledging indie developers.  Developer and senior contributor Brandon Sheffield for Gamasutra says that contacting Nintendo from an indie’s point of view just got a whole lot harder. 

“Dan Adelman, the head of Nintendo’s indie initiative, was not allowed to speak with us. This is the sort of corporate policy that perpetuates the stereotype that Nintendo doesn’t work well with third parties, and is an emblem of Nintendo’s reluctance to change and become more open as markets shift. As an indie developer, this is very troubling to me.”

“I’ve received word from a reliable source that Adelman is no longer allowed access to Twitter. You’ll notice his last post was in October of last year. Apparently he wrote something along the lines of “I travel a lot, so I feel your pain,” in response to someone saying they didn’t like the region locking of the 3DS. This was viewed as unacceptable in Nintendo’s eyes, so there you go. All they had was that Twitter account, to talk to indie devs. There are no blogs, no casual podcasts, only corporate-created messaging from Nintendo Direct. No more public voice for indie development from within Nintendo. That’s it. It’s gone.”


Epic Games Is Hyping Up An Announcement For Tomorrow

A number of Epic Games employees have taken to Twitter to hype up a possible announcement tomorrow. There’s no clues regarding what the announcement might be, but we know for a fact that Game Informer are teasing their cover story, which will be shown off tomorrow. Whether it’s related to their forthcoming game Fortnite remains to be seen. Whatever it is, it should be interesting.

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