Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Special Unboxing Video

NintenDaan has managed to get his fortunate hands on the special edition Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Nintendo 3DS XL console, a copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, special Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer New Nintendo 3DS cover plates and also the NFC Reader / Writer directly from Japan. With all these goodies at his disposal one can not blame him for creating an unboxing video for these items. Be sure to watch it below.

Here’s A Dr Mario, Bowser Jr & Olimar Amiibo Unboxing Video

NintenDaan is quite the collector of amiibos and this time he has got his hands on the highly sought after Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr. and Olimar. To celebrate he has produced an unboxing video featuring the high quality amigo figures which should be available to purchase this week, providing you can get your hands on them.

Here’s A Massive Unboxing Video For Fire Emblem Fates

NintenDaan has got his hands on Fire Emblem Fates which has recently launched in Japan. But, that is not all. He’s also got hold of the Special Edition of the game, the New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates and the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game. That’s a lot of Fire Emblem merchandise. As we reported earlier today the game shot to number one in the Japanese video game sales charts, which you can view here. Enjoy the unboxing video!

Here’s An Unboxing Video For Shulk And Meta Knight

The well-known Tilmen from Nintendomination has managed to get his hands on some super rare amiibo figures which he’s shared with everyone on YouTube. You can watch an unboxing video for Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles in the video above and one for Meta Knight from the Kirby series, below. I’m not sure how he managed to acquire the amiibo figures, but I’m certainly envious.

Here’s The Unboxing Of The Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box

NintenDaan has managed to get his hands on the special edition Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box which contains plenty of Zelda related goodies. Things included in the box are the aforementioned Treasure Box and the Hyrule Warriors Scarf plus plenty of other cool things. You can watch the grand opening in the video embedded above.

Yoshi’s New Island Nintendo 3DS XL Unboxing

The folks over at IGN have managed to get their hands on the adorable Yoshi’s New Island Nintendo 3DS XL console. The product launches the same day as Yoshi’s New Island is released, but according to IGN, it doesn’t include the game. You can pre-order the Yoshi’s New Island 3DS XL console for $199.99 at Toys ‘R Us.

Thanks, Tim

2DS Unboxing Video Reveals Sleep Mode Switch And Embedded L/R Buttons

A new unboxing video for Nintendo 2DS by UK retailer GAME shows off some of the new features of the system, while also comparing it to Nintendo’s other current portable devices. One of the highlights of the video comes during a game of Mario Kart 7, when the demonstrator shows off the new curved, embedded L and R buttons on top of the console and proclaims them to be quite comfortable for that game specifically. Other takeaways from the video are the demonstration of a new sleep mode switch at the bottom of the system, as well as the fact that it is still possible to take 3D images with the device, due to the two camera lenses on the back of it. The stylus also appears larger than the 3DS stylus.

There have been many revelations and reactions regarding Nintendo’s new 2DS handheld, including the eyebrow-raising news that the device actually has only one screen. Gamers will be able to experience the new handheld console for themselves on October 12th, at a retail cost of $129.99.