Crytek Forms Studio With Former Darksiders Developers


Crytek has announced today that they have created a new studio in Austin, Texas, which will include a number of developers from the Darksiders franchise. Vigil Games, the development studio behind Darksiders, was closed last week when THQ failed to find a buyer for the developers and the series. Crytek has picked up a number of employees, and the CEO had this to say about the acquisition.

“Crytek has always enjoyed a special relationship with gamers and business partners in North America, so establishing a permanent presence in the US was a natural step,” Yerl saidi. “We are extremely excited about the work that we will be undertaking from our strategic new location in Austin, with David Adams and his team of 35 experienced developers. We believe our CryEngine technology will enable the team we assemble to create unparalleled new gaming experiences.”

– Crytek’s CEO, Cevat Yerli

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Nintendo Wii U: The Wii U Is Very Easy To Develop For Say Darksiders 2 Developers

Vigil, the development team behind Darksiders 2 have stated that the Wii U is easy to develop for. The team say that the ease of development on Wii U is similar to that of the Xbox 360 which is renowned as being a simple console to develop for. Great news for those developers looking to bring their projects to Wii U.

“From a pure programmer point of view, it’s definitely a lot easier than, say, the PS3 was. It’s probably on par with 360 as far as ease of API, simplicity of how you interact with the hardware.”

“[On Wii U] we were literally finding things and telling Nintendo about them. ‘Hey how does this work?’ ‘Well, I don’t know.’ So we were finding the solutions ourselves sometimes. It was kind of like a new frontier.”