Kirby’s Adventure Wii Heading To Wii U eShop This Week

You might have missed it when it was released, but Kirby’s Adventure is now heading to the Wii U eShop this week. If you did miss it then now’s the perfect opportunity for you to get acquainted with Kirby’s well-received Wii adventure. If you’re interested then the game will cost you €19.99 / £17.99.

Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee are ready to transform your living room into Dream Land once more in Kirby’s Adventure Wii! In this side-scrolling adventure game, you can play on your own or with up to three of your friends. Kirby, in his many guises, is in control of the infamous foursome – help him use his powerful Copy Ability to inhale, spit or transform as enemies rise to the challenge. Kicking off this action packed adventure, an alien spaceship has crash-landed, scattering pieces of the ship across the otherwise peaceful Popstar land. The alien is desperate to return to its home planet and so Kirby and his enemies decide to work together and help – starting out on a mission to find the missing chunks of the vessel which have been spread across the realm. Play on your own or recruit up to three friends who can join in the fun. Whether you all want to play as Kirby, each in a different colour, or mix things up by each taking a different character – Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee – you can all enjoy playing cooperatively to progress through the game by collecting Point Stars and Ability Stars. Don’t worry if you only meet up with your friends for a short while, anyone can join and leave the game at any time.

Shadow Of The Ninja For NES Coming To North American Virtual Console On January 29th

The iconic Shadow of the Ninja for the Nintendo Entertainment System will eventually be coming to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Natsume announced that the 2D action title will be arriving on the North American Virtual Console on January 29th. You can take a look at Shadow of the Ninja in the YouTube video embedded below.

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Axelay And Demon’s Crest Coming To European WIi U Virtual Console This Week

Nintendo Europe has finally confirmed that Axelay and Demon’s Quest will be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console. It’s the first time that both rare titles have dropped on the Wii U Virtual Console. Both titles will retail for £5.49, so go and grab them.

Pilot the prototype Axelay ship against a mysterious alien armada intent on conquering the galaxy. Use your wide range of weaponry across vertical and horizontal scrolling stages – from planets of flame to sprawling space stations – on your way to destroying the aliens’ base. Axelay is renowned for its excellent arcade-style graphics, high quality sound, and intense yet rewarding gameplay developed by Konami’s masters of the shooter genre.

From a lowly enemy in the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, to spin-off Gargoyle’s Quest, Firebrand the demon now finds himself fighting to restore peace in the demon realm. Firebrand must recover the six stones of the powerful Demon’s Crest before they fall into the claws of his nemesis Phalanx. As well as being able to breathe fire, and fly, Firebrand can transform into six unique guises with special abilities that will prove invaluable to his quest. With three different endings to discover, can you save the realms from total anarchy?

Here’s A Look At The Virtual Console Version Of Duck Hunt

The other week brought great news as Duck Hunt will be arriving on the Wii U Virtual Console on Christmas Day. Blogger NintenDaan couldn’t wait that long and downloaded the Wii U Virtual Console release on the Japanese Wii U eShop. As you can see not a whole lot has changed but it’s still an iconic release.

Fire Emblem On GameBoy Advance Will Be Released On Wii U Virtual Console In US Tomorrow

Some of you may wish to celebrate as Nintendo of America has confirmed that Fire Emblem for the GameBoy Advance will be available to download in the United States on the Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow. You’ll be able to purchase Fire Emblem for $7.99 and the story of the acclaimed game is as follows.

After centuries of peace, smoldering rivalries threaten to set the world aflame in a blaze of battle! The drums of war beat, noble houses plot treason, and allies becomes enemies. As Lycia stands poised for war, a shadowy figure manipulates empires for his own ends. Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector are brave warriors that are prepared to fight back the forces that would destroy their homeland. Help them gather other heroes to fight beside them, taking care that they do not fall in battle; otherwise they are lost forever. Plan your strategy and command the field of war as you train and learn each unit’s strengths and weaknesses. Become a master tactician, and douse the embers of war before they burn the world to ash!

Golden Sun The Lost Age Is Coming To European WII U Virtual Console This Week

Golden Sun fans can rejoice as Nintendo Europe has announced that Golden Sun: The Lost Age will be coming to the European Wii U Virtual Console this week. The RPG was released way back in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance and was developed by Camelot Software. If you’re not familiar with the game you can watch footage above.

Return to the world of Weyard, and see the other side of the story, in the sequel to the hit Game Boy Advance RPG. Golden Sun: The Lost Age follows Felix and his crew’s mission to restore Alchemy to the world; a potential catastrophe that the original game’s characters were trying to prevent. As a new band of adventurers, unleash new Summon spells and employ powerful Djinn elemental spirits. Plus – if you completed Golden Sun you can transfer data to the sequel via password to unlock items, stats and more!

Duck Hunt Coming To Wii U Virtual Console, Plus Reveal Trailer For Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai previously teased a new reveal trailer for a “secret” – but not so secret for many – character a few weeks ago. While we thought it may have popped up in the Smash Bros direct last month, Duck Hunt Dog was nowhere to be seen. However, he did make an appearance in the Nintendo Direct earlier today, with a neat Virtual Console announcement to go with it. In the video embedded above you’ll see Duck Hunt Dog snigger his way into the fighting roster.

For fans of the original Duck Hunt game for the NES, you’ll be able to grab it when it comes to the Wii U Virtual Console soon. No exact dates have been confirmed yet for its release, but we’ll keep our eyes on a special look-out for a future announcement.