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Walmart Says It’s Getting The Second Wave Of Amiibo On December 14th

Popular US retail chain Walmart has confirmed via Twitter that it will be receiving the second wave of Amiibo figures on December 14th. That’s seriously near Christmas, so if you’re looking to purchase some of the second wave of Amiibo figures it would probably be wise to pre-order just incase they’re snapped up.

Thanks, Kevin

Walmart Giving Primal Groudon And Primal Kyogre Figures With Pre-Orders Of Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Want to get your hands on those Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre figures? Well you can get them in the US if you decide to pre-order Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire with Walmart. All you need to do is simply select the version you want to pre-order along with your figure of choice and you’ll be sent them at launch.

Thanks, Josh N

You Can Grab A Nintendo 2DS For $79 On November 3rd At Walmart

Thinking of purchasing the budget Nintendo 2DS console? Well Walmart will be selling the handheld for only $79 on Monday. The handheld, which plays all your Nintendo 3DS games minus the 3D, generally retails for $129.99. So if you get one you know you’re getting a bargain. The deal starts on Walmart.com shortly after midnight Pacific Time on Monday, November 3rd.

Here’s A Good Look At Those Amiibo Displays That Are Popping Up In The US

You may have noticed that Amiibo displays have begun popping up at your local retailer in the United States. The displays have been set up by Nintendo to educate people on Amiibo’s in a fun way and they look as though they’re working as intended. Be sure to watch the video if you haven’t already seen the Amiibo displays at Walmart.

Thanks, White Eagle

Walmart: Red And Blue Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles Coming September 19th In US


A Walmart flyer has revealed that Nintendo America plans to release the special edition Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS XL. The special edition, which feature Super Smash Bros designs, won’t come with the game unlike the European edition. They are available for $199.96 each and are apparently due to be sold on September 19th.

Thanks, Adam F