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Walmart Mexico Listing Tomodachi Collection Pre-order As Tomodachi Life

Retailer Walmart Mexico has now changed its pre-order listing for Tomodachi Collection on Nintendo 3DS to Tomodachi Life. We’ve had numerous hints that the adorable life sim is coming to the west. It should also be noted that Nintendo recently filed a trademark for Tomodachi Life. Hopefully we will get a western release date soon.

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Mickey 3DS XL Will Launch At Walmart For $199.96

mickey_3ds_xl_boxNintendo of America revealed the new Mickey 3DS XL a few days ago, but details were a little sparse. The special edition console will launch exclusively for Walmart at the suggested retail price of $199.96 with a 4GB SD card, though Disney Magical World will not be bundled with the system. As was expected, the Mickey 3DS XL does sport a name change from the Japanese system released last year, and simply says Disney Magical World in a beautiful golden logo. The limited edition Mickey console joins the peach pink 2DS to celebrate the release of Disney Magical World on April 11.

Wii U Basic Is $199 At Walmart Canada From August 2nd


A recent advertisement from Walmart Canada states that the Wii U 8GB Basic package will be retailing for $199.99 starting Friday, August 2nd. There were numerous rumours circulating a few months back that Nintendo is planning to discontinue the 8GB Basic and drop the pricing of the 32GB Premium system, though this has yet to happen. Will you be picking up a Wii U 8GB Basic package for $199.99?

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Mario 3D, Mario Kart U And “Zelda 2 (RPG)” For Wii U Receive Pre-Order Pages At Walmart


Nintendo announced during the last Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct, which took place in January, that a new 3D Mario platformer and Mario Kart for Wii U are scheduled to be playable at this year’s E3. Also during the online presentation the company touched on the next original The Legend of Zelda game for its latest console.

Although none of them were given official names, pre-order pages for all three games have already popped up on Walmart’s website. The retailer is listing these three Wii U games for pre-order: Mario 3D, Zelda 2 (RPG) and Mario Kart U. Note that “Zelda 2 (RPG)” isn’t referring to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker remake, as that title has a pre-order page, too.

Retailers List Xenoblade For Wii U

Xenoblade_Chronicles_charactersAmerican retailers Best Buy and Walmart have both listed Xenoblade for Wii U. Could this mean that Xenoblade Chronicles is being remade for Nintendo’s first HD console? Perhaps not, as the game’s only released last year in North America. But it is, however, probably referring to Monolith Soft’s first Wii U game, which is code-named ‘X.’ Let’s hope this means that the studio’s upcoming Wii U role-playing game will be released sooner rather than later.