Nintendo Wii: Wii Speak Peripheral Being Phased Out At Retail

Respected online gaming publication Gamesutra is reporting that Nintendo are gradually phasing out their Wii Speak peripheral.

The device which allows Wii owners to converse with each other online is now only available at “limited retail locations,” with further shipments made only “if consumer demand increases.”


Nintendo Wii: The Conduit Will Use Wii Speak Peripheral


High Voltage, the developer behind the eagerly anticipated first person shooter, The Conduit, have confirmed that the title will utilize Nintendo’s Wii Speak device.

Whilst it’s been confirmed that the title won’t support the forthcoming Wii Motion Plus, it has been confirmed to support Wii speak, the peripheral that allows you communicate with other players.


Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Rethinks Wii Speak Second Hand Lockout


Consumers who purchased pre-owned copies of Wii Speak were warned that the device wouldn’t work if the previous owner had registered the boxed code that accompanies the voice peripheral. Thankfully after an uproar from the online community, Nintendo have decided to issue a statement confirming that any gamers who purchase a second hand device can in fact contact Nintendo for an additional code effectively allowing them to use the device.


Nintendo Wii: Don’t Purchase Wii Speak Second Hand


Reports have filtered through from American gamers who’ve managed to get their hands on the Wii Speak/Animal Crossing bundle. It appears as though pre-owned copies of the speech device will be rendered useless without a certain redeemable code which is needed to activate the Wii Speak Channel, which is a necessity if you wish to use the device. The code however cannot be replaced by Nintendo or your retailer if it is lost or stolen, leaving you the consumer with a unusable lump of plastic.