Wii Sports Club Adds Baseball And Boxing In June In Japan

Nintendo has revealed that, in Japan, Wii Sports Club will add baseball and boxing on June 26th. There’s currently no word on when the two virtual sports will be released in North America. The company recently confirmed that the packaged iteration of the compilation will launch July 17th in Japan. The physical disc features all five sports, including tennis, golf and bowling. Wii U owners who download Wii Sports Club for the first time get a free trial pass that will let them play any available sports for a 24-hour period.

Here’s Another Retailer Mix-Up Between Wii U And Wii

wii u and wii

Just after industry analyst Christine Arrington of IHS Electronics & Media stated that the Wii U’s name is largely to blame for its poor sales and the general retailer confusion surrounding the console, a new print ad reveals another mix-up between Nintendo’s next-gen and last-gen consoles. The advertisement offers a “Wii U” bundle for $99 dollars that includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort – clearly a mix-up in which the retailer meant to refer to the console as a Wii, as the Wii Bundle is the item pictured. At this point, one truly has to wonder whether Reggie still believes the Wii U’s name is not problematic for the console.

Rare Developer Compares Kinect Sports Rivals To Wii Sports And Mario Kart


Creative director of Rare, Simon Woodrooffe, has stated that he wants Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One to stand the test of time the same way Nintendo’s Wii Sports and Mario Kart games have. Much like Wii Sports, Kinect Sports Rivals features sports-based mini games like soccer and bowling. The title, which was recently delayed from this holiday season to Spring 2014, is the follow-up to 2010’s Kinect Sports. Woodrooffe said he hopes gamers are still purchasing the game along with an Xbox One console for years to come. Here are the director’s full comments on the matter:

“We think–well, we hope–that this is the sort of game that’s still one of the first things that anyone who buys an Xbox One gets even two or three years from now…sort of like Wii Sports and Mario Kart for the Wii.”

Original Wii Sports Coming To Wii U In HD With Online Multiplayer


The five beloved sports from the original Wii Sports – bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf – are making a dramatic and competitive return on Wii U. The games are being released individually as downloads in the Nintendo eShop featuring HD graphics, enhanced controls via Wii MotionPlus technology, as well as a much-requested online multiplayer versus mode, so users with broadband Internet access can face off against competitors online. And that’s where the “Club” part of Wii Sports Club comes into play. Players will be registered to state or regional clubs and will be able to chat with one another via Miiverse during matches. People will be able to play casually against members of their own club, or take on members of rival clubs to increase their club rankings.

Tennis and Bowling will be the first two sports available in the Nintendo eShop on Nov. 7, with Boxing, Baseball and Golf scheduled to launch in the months ahead. Wii U owners who download Wii Sports Club will get a trial pass that will let them play any available games for a 24-hour period from when the Wii Sports Club game is started. Once the trial period ends, players can purchase a Day Pass for $1.99 in the Nintendo eShop to play all available sports for a 24-hour period, or can buy permanent access to individual sports for $9.99 each.

Iwata Admits Nintendo Land Has Not Fulfilled The Same Role As Wii Sports


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed during the E3 analyst briefing that the company acknowledges that Nintendo Land has failed to attract consumers to Wii U. Iwata said that Nintendo Land hasn’t fulfilled the same role as Wii Sports – which consumers flocked to play and subsequently purchased a Wii back in 2006. Iwata did say that Nintendo is going to release a variety of Wii U software which shows off how convenient and delightful it is to have the Wii U GamePad controller, and how it changes the gaming experience.

“Asymmetric gameplay” is one of the important elements which differentiate Wii U from other products. Thus, we have released “Nintendo Land” as the software to make consumers understand the value of asymmetric gameplay. In the United States, we bundled it with the Wii U “Deluxe Set” which is a higher-end model equipped with 32GB of memory. We have received a lot of comments from consumers that the gameplay in “Nintendo Land” is interesting. However, we presume that they have not yet come up with the best words to easily explain how interesting it is to other people.”

“I would say that “Nintendo Land” has not fulfilled the same role as “Wii Sports” did when we bundled it with Wii.”

“Of course, we won’t remain silent and do nothing. We are going to release a variety of Wii U software, and with each title, we would like to show how convenient and delightful it is to have the Wii U GamePad controller, and how it changes the gaming experience.”

“In addition, we have also learned that the name “asymmetric gameplay” does not fully explain the GamePad’s value to consumers. As for the software going to be released from now on, we would like to describe the experience that the GamePad provides with a different expression in order to adequately convey its necessity to consumers and increase the number of consumers that think, “Indeed it is good to have a GamePad.” In this sense, starting with “Pikmin 3,” we aim to include functions that make good use of the GamePad that consumers can appreciate”

Mario Kart 7 And Wii Sports Are Nominated For The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2013


Nickelodeon has revealed the games that are nominated for an award at this years Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards. There’s four games which have been nominated: Just Dance 4, Mario Kart 7, Wii Sports, and Skylanders Giants. The event will be held on March 23, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET live from the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California. Which game do you predict will win?

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Only One Nintendo Title Wins At The 2012 Video Game Awards

Xenoblade_Chronicles_charactersThe winners of this year’s Video Game Awards were announced yesterday. Only one Nintendo title – New Super Mario Bros. U – won an award, which was for best Wii/Wii U game of 2012. Half-Life 2 was crowned Game of the Decade and triumphed over Nintendo contenders The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Wii Sports.

Here’s the full list of this year’s Video Game Awards winners:

  • Game of the Year: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Studio of the Year: Telltale Games
  • Best Xbox 360 Game: Halo 4
  • Best PlayStation 3 Game: Journey
  • Best Wii/Wii U Game: New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Best PC Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Best Shooter: Borderlands 2
  • Best Action/Adventure Game: Dishonored
  • Best RPG: Mass Effect 3
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Borderlands 2
  • Best Individual Sports Game: SSX
  • Best Team Sports Game: NBA 2K13
  • Best Driving Game: Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • Best Song in a Game: “Cities” by Beck (Sound Shapes)
  • Best Original Score: Journey
  • Best Graphics: Halo 4
  • Best Independent Game: Journey
  • Best Fighting Game: Persona 4 Arena
  • Best Handheld/Mobile Game: Sound Shapes
  • Best Performance by a Human Female: Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine (The Walking Dead: The Game)
  • Best Performance by a Human Male: Dameon Clarke as Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)
  • Best Adapted Video Game: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Best DLC: Dawnguard (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
  • Best Downloadable Game: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Best Social Game: You Don’t Know Jack