Nintendo Europe Reconfirms Wii Street U Being Discontinued March 30th

Nintendo Europe has tweeted to fans to remind them that the intriguing Wii Street U for Wii U which is powered by Google will be discontinued on March 31st. The application sadly failed to take off, so it’s not too surprising to hear news once again that it is being discontinued.

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Nintendo Says There’s Mysterious Travelers Now Hidden In Wii Street U


Nintendo employee Toshiaki Suzuki has informed visitors of Nintendo’s social network Miiverse that there are mysterious travellers scattered around Wii Street U. Suzuki says that you can use the hints in the above image by using the Record button to find them.

Hello, this is Toshiaki Suzuki from Nintendo. We’ve confirmed that there are new mysterious travelers hidden in Wii Street U! Use the hints below by utilizing the Records button to find them!

Wii Street U Update Adds Miiverse Support, Other Features


Wii U users who’ve downloaded Wii Street U can update the application to receive new features. After performing the update, you’ll be able to take pictures of places you’ve visited and post those pictures onto Miiverse. Below is a list of what features the update adds to the app. For those who don’t know, Wii Street U is currently a free download from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

  • Can register places as favorites
  • Nine new recommended spots added
  • Miiverse support
  • Take pictures of places and post them to Miiverse, can view others’ contributions, as well
  • Can tag your pictures with your thoughts. The tags include “normal,” “awesome,” “beautiful,” “unusual” and “scary”.
  • Can also view pictures based on a certain tag
  • Can now “spoiler” your images as well, which covers up the image with a question mark

Wii U Street View Hits The Nintendo eShop Today In North America

wii_street_uDuring today’s Nintendo Direct online presentation, the company revealed that Wii U Street View, known as Wii Street U in Japan, is now in the North American Nintendo eShop on Wii U. For a limited time, the application is free to download from the online marketplace.

Wii Street U Arrives In Japan

wii_street_u Nintendo’s Google Maps application for Wii U is out in Japan. Wii Street U allows for you to use the Wii U GamePad to look around your environment while mapping data is shown on the television screen. Until the end of May, the application can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop in Japan. There’s no word on whether Wii Street U will be released in other regions, but we sure hope it does.


Wii Street U Coming Next Month To Japan, Plus New Trailer

Nintendo revealed that it has changed the name of the Google Street View application for Wii U, which was first announced in December 2012. The application will still be powered by Google, and its official name – in Japan, at least – is Wii Street U. The application allows users to tour the world from the comfort of their own homes. Wii Street U was initially scheduled to launch in Japan this month, but Nintendo confirmed that it will instead be released in the country in mid-February.

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