Wii U Needs To Be $300 For Profit, But $200 For It To Sell

Satoru Kikuchi, a Tokyo-based analyst at Deutsche Bank AG, has revealed that for Nintendo to make a profit on Wii U hardware the company needs to sell the console for $299.99. However, Kikuchi says for the system to sell in the quantities that Nintendo want it to sell in – and attract a large consumer base – then it needs to be priced at $199.99

“To make a profit from hardware sales, the Wii U would need to be priced close to $300, based on estimated costs. To overcome competition from the many other devices on the market and be embraced by families and children, and not just hardcore gamers, it would need to be priced closer to $200.”

GameTrailers Shane Satterfield Says Wii U Will Cost $299

Shane Satterfield, Editor-in-Chief of GameTrailers has said on a recent episode of Invisible Walls that Wii U will retail for $299.99. Satterfield says that’s he heard through certain channels that this is going to be the launch price. Shane is the same person that proclaimed before E3 that the Wii U launch lineup is “looking pretty damn good.”

Nintendo To Announce Wii U Price And Release Date In September?

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich strongly believes that Nintendo will announce Wii U pricing and a release date sometime in September. Divnich is also adamant that both Microsoft and Sony will announce price cuts during the holiday season to damage sales.

“I would expect Nintendo to make some form of an official announcement in September. Likely around (but not at) the Tokyo Game Show.”

“Nintendo didn’t release any information regarding pricing or unit expectations. It is tough to pinpoint any type of expectation when Nintendo themselves are being incredibly vague about it. Considering the potential for PS3/Xbox 360 price cuts this holiday, it is understandable that they are keeping their cards close to the chest.”

Retailers Want £250 Wii U, But Hope It Will Be Cheaper

UK trade publication MCV has spoken to a number of large retail chains in the United Kingdom who have told the magazine that they expect the Wii U to be around £250 in the UK. The retail outlets that MCV spoke to are hopeful that it will launch for slightly less in an effort to win over Christmas shoppers when the system launches this holiday season.

Wii U To Be Priced At $299 In North America And 20,000 Yen In Japan?

An unnamed source at Wii U Daily has told the publication that Wii U will retail for $299.99 when it arrives in North America sometime after E3 this year. Nintendo will apparently price the Wii U at $299 in the US, 299 Euro’s in Europe, and 20,000 Yen in Japan. Nintendo has previously stated that they will try to keep the pricing in-line with both the Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Nintendo Wii U: Large French Retailer Prices Wii U At €450

Carrefour, a large French retail outlet has priced the Wii U at €450. Nintendo themselves have yet to confirm pricing for the console, but all indications point towards the fact that it won’t be excessively cheap. The Wii U is expected to launch sometime after April 2012.

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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo President Says Wii U Price Will Probably Be Over $250

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Bloomberg that he expect the Wii U price will be over $250 when it makes it début next year. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told Gametrailers yesterday that the console will be competitively priced against Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Is $250+ too expensive?