Legend Of Kay Anniversary Will Now Output At 1080p For Wii U

It was first confirmed by Peter Thierolf from Kaiko that the new Legend of Kay Anniversary edition would be in 720p for the Wii U. But now after some more development, they’ve upgraded it to 1080p. They’ve said that it now “renders the scene in 1600*900 and outputs in 1080p with extra crisp UI” and still runs at 60fps. The Legend of Kay will be releasing this Summer.

Here’s A Look At The Splatoon Disc Art


We’ve got the first look at the Splatoon disc art which you should all have in your hands on May 29th. The disc art was posted via Instagram and looks undoubtedly funky, as you would expect. Don’t forget to pre-order the game to get your pre-order bonuses.

In my hand but not mine ;-;

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Nintendo UK Asks Fans Their Favourite Wii U Game On Twitter, Chance To Win £50 eShop Credit

Nintendo UK has offered fans the chance to win £50 eShop credit providing they share their favourite Wii U game on social media. In a competition available to residents of the United Kingdom aged 13 years and over only, Nintendo UK would love to hear the voice of the nation and compile an official fans’ Top 10 when the results have been counted and verified. And for just ten lucky fans selected at random, the company will offer a wonderful £50 in eShop credit to spend on their next retail or eShop game.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply log on to Twitter and tweet your favourite Wii U game – whether that’s the fast-paced Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, or the feisty Bayonetta 2 – and use the hashtags #WiiU and #PlayOn. The competition is open from now until June 1, so make sure you get your vote in within the next couple of weeks. Nintendo UK states that all winners will be notified by June 10, 2015.

New Super Mario Bros Coming To North American Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow

Well, we now know one of the games that will be making an appearance in the Nintendo downloads lineup for the United States tomorrow. That game is none other than the well-received New Super Mario Bros which made its debut on the Nintendo DS back in 2006 and is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console on Thursday, May 14th. Will you be purchasing New Super Mario Bros?

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Rumour: Paper Mario Wii U In Development By Intelligent Systems?



There’s one big rumour circulating around Japanese message board 2Chan which claims that Paper Mario is currently in development for Wii U and is being developed by Intelligent Systems. The brochure above was handed out at a Japanese job expo booth, which is apparently proof that the person below was at the event. If it is legitimate then it’s likely to be officially announced during E3 next month. It could either be a new game or a remaster of an existing one. Guess we shall have to wait to find out.

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Splatoon May Include Product Placement And Advertising


The Splatoon beta/demo is available now to download from the Wii U eShop. We’ve found out that the full version will be available for pre-purchase and will set American consumers back $59.99. This could of course change as we get nearer to release. Those who have downloaded the demo have noticed that the game will include some sort of product placement and advertising. Guess we shall have to wait and find out exactly how this is going to work.

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Free Splatoon Demo Available To Play On May 9th (UK) May 8th (US) Via Wii U eShop

Are you a budding Inkling wishing to whet your tentacles before the launch of  Splatoon on 29th May? Announced as part of a squid-dedicated Nintendo Direct, a free Splatoon Global Testfire demo is available to download from Nintendo eShop for Wii U from 16:00 BST today, enabling any Wii U user with a broadband internet connection to play – at specified time periods – up to 3 hours of 4-on-4 online Turf War battles on Saturday 9th May only!

Splatoon is a wild new game from Nintendo that combines the creative and family-friendly fun Nintendo is known for with ink-spraying, turf-claiming action. Just like Mario Kart changed the way family and friends play racing games together, Splatoon welcomes players of all ages and skill levels to the world of the action shooter.

In the game, players take on the role of the Inklings, customisable characters that can transform into squids at the touch of a button. After splatting opponents and covering a level with colourful ink, players can transform into squids and swim quickly through their own ink or use it to take cover and hide from enemies.

Among a splash of new updates delivered by the team at the so-called Squid Research Lab during today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, Splatoon users can look out for a raft of free post-launch content coming their way after 29th May, with the release of new stages, weapons, gear and modes that will continuously evolve the gameplay experience.

  • Global Testfire demo UK: Participants can download the free demo from Nintendo eShop for Wii U from 17:00 CEST today. This demo will then go live for 1-hour periods at the following times on Saturday 9th May: 04:00 BST, 12:00 BST and 20:00 BST. When live, users will get the chance to jump online and play in 4-on-4 Turf War battles against other players from across the world, including representatives of Nintendo’s Squid Research Lab! Players who download the demo can also claim a 10% discount off the price of Splatoon on Nintendo eShop*, with the offer starting on 29th May and lasting until 4th June.
  • Global Testfire US: Wii U owners with a broadband Internet connection can now download from the Nintendo eShop a free special demo, which will enable them to participate in four-on-four Turf War battles in several one-hour demo events set at optimal times for global play. The first Testfire event is scheduled for 8-9 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, May 8, with additional opportunities on Saturday, May 9, at both 4-5 a.m. and 12-1 p.m. During the first one-hour demo event, Nintendo will be broadcasting a live stream hosted by game experts from Nintendo’s Treehouse as they play against other Testfire participants.
  • 4-on-4 online action: When the game launches on 29th May, players will need to think strategically when participating in online matches. Two stages are refreshed every four hours with an official announcement in-game to sound the changes, meaning players will have to carefully consider weapons and tactics for the stages that lie in wait. Different weapons work better in different stages, so players will discover depth in the weaponry as they focus their strategies on different 2-stage pairings. After each 4-on-4 match, players are randomly reshuffled to form new teams, so sometimes players will be working with their friends and other times they’ll be looking to take them down!
  • Free post-launch content: Five stages available from launch – Urchin Underpass, Saltspray Rig, Walleye Warehouse, Blackbelly Skatepark and Arowana Mall – will get players off to a flying start, but new stages are set to be introduced every few weeks that require even more skill to master. As additional free post-launch content, players can also look forward to experiencing new weapons, as well as a Ranked Battle mode ominously named Tower Control. A major game update event in August will add further friend matchmaking functionality to enable 4 players to form a team and battle against other teams, as well as functionality to create private 8-player matches with just friends. Also coming in August is a mysterious third Ranked Battle mode, Rainmaker, a whole new line of items to spruce up a player’s battle appearance, plus more!
  • Splatfests: Themed events called Splatfest will ask players from all over Europe to ponder the answer to simple questions such as… Do you prefer dogs or cats? Players must then choose a side and represent their side during Splatfest! These events will have their own ranking system, and based on a player’s overall rank, a valuable item called a “Super Sea Snail” may even be received once the event has ended, helping to freshen up your gear. Prepare for the first Splatfest on 27th June, with the theme being…Which music do you prefer: rock or pop? For this first Splatfest, Super Sea Snails all round to the winning side!