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EA Spokesperson Confirms There Are No New Modes Or Features In FIFA 13 for Wii

According to findings by Nintendo Gamer, Wii’s version of FIFA 13, which is developed and published by EA, is practically identical to last year’s FIFA 12. This year’s iteration features the same exact gameplay modes, graphics, menu screens, dialogue and character models.

An EA spokesperson confirmed to Wired that FIFA 13 for Wii has no new modes or features, compared to FIFA 12. Note that in a recent interview, EA COO Peter Moore said, “Year on year, Wii has just dropped, and clearly we don’t make games for it anymore.”

Thanks, Magi.

Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Confirms The Final Design For The 3DS

Nintendo’s Hideki Konno has told technology publication Wired that the final design of the Nintendo 3DS won’t be noticeably different from the version Nintendo showcased at this years E3 event.

Asked by Wired whether the 3DS’s outer appearance could change between now and whenever it’s actually released, Nintendo’s Hideki Konno replied, “You can take this as the final shape”.


Nintendo 3DS: 3DS Details Show Up On Chinese Blog Site

Respected technology publication Wired and gaming publication Kotaku are reporting that details of Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS console have been leaked on a Chinese bloggers website.

“The effect of the [3D] screen is amazing,” the blogger wrote, as translated by Kotaku.

The details come from someone who claims to have access to the 3DS development kit, Kotaku says. According to the report, the lower screen is the same size as the current Nintendo DS, but the upper screen is much bigger (and in 3-D, naturally).


Chinese bloggers sketch