Learn Your Weapons In This New Splatoon Weapons Trailer

The Squid Laboratories released this instructional video of some of the different types of weapons you can get in Splatoon and how to use them. It’s in Japanese but this YouTube user has kindly translated into English subtitles for us. Take a look and get some tips on how best to use the weapons and see them in action, to be ultimately prepared for the next Global Testfire and the launch of the game at the end of the month. Happy splatting!

Edit: The video has unfortunately been set to private, but if you click the link you can watch it on YouTube.

Popular YouTuber Quits Doing Nintendo Videos Due To Strict Policies

A lot of you may be familiar with Angry Joe who is a popular figure on YouTube. Well he has decided to quit producing Nintendo videos on YouTube due to the company’s strict policies regarding monetization. Angry Joe has nearly 2 million subscribers and more than 300 million views on his channel, but was outraged when Nintendo claimed that he would be unable to collect cash from his recently produced Mario Party 10 video as it contained copyright material from Nintendo. Instead of challenging the claim Angry Joe has taken the video down and produced a new video ranting against Nintendo’s draconian YouTube policies.


YouTube Is Apparently Set To Relaunch Live Streaming Service Which Is More Focused On Games

Twitch could be facing some new competition in the form of YouTube for live video game streaming. The popular video streaming site is apparently set to relaunch it’s live streaming service with an emphasis on video games. YouTube has employed 50 new people with expertise in the streaming industry who are looking to target the growing eSports industry as well as traditional game streaming. YouTube is said to be announcing the new program at E3 this June.


Nintendo Creators Program Now Available In More Countries

The Nintendo Creators Program has added support for seven more countries. Users in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Peru and Argentina can now benefit from the service, which gives them part of the advertising proceeds received for their Nintendo-related videos on YouTube. The Nintendo Creators Program was launched earlier this year. Nintendo recently confirmed plans to not share revenue with YouTube channels that broadcast games from other publishers.

Nintendo Says It Won’t Share Revenue With YouTube Channels Showing Games From Other Publishers

You all know about Nintendo’s Youtube Creators Program which has sparked a lot of debate amongst readers and the YouTubers that it affects. Now we’ve got further confirmation that the company won’t share any revenue with YouTube channels that broadcast games from other publishers such as Sega etc. Nintendo has clarified that it won’t be approving channels featuring any games not on their whitelist. If you wish to be part of Nintendo’s YouTube Creators Program then you’ll need to focus solely on Nintendo titles. You can read more about the program, here.

“If you have already submitted your channel for registration and it includes video(s) that contain game titles outside of the list of supported games, please remove those videos from your channel within two weeks of the submission date,” the company writes. “If the video(s) are not removed from the channel within this time, your channel will not be registered with the program.  You may resubmit your channel for registration at a later date.”


Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida and SimplyG

SEGA Has Begun Targeting YouTubers With Copyright Claims

It seems as though Sega is the latest company that has begun targeting YouTubers with a range of copyright claims for content and soundtracks using Content ID. Interestingly, Sega US says that they do not deal with Content ID on YouTube anymore, so this could be a move by Sega Japan. Who knows? Anyway, it’s happening and its causing a number of core Sega fans to become frustrated. Hopefully it gets resolved soon for all those affected by this

Thanks, Mick

Nintendo Says It’s Processing YouTube Creator’s Program Applications “As Quickly As Possible”

As you’d expect the world and his wife have signed up to the YouTube Creator’s Program which has been implemented by Nintendo. The Kyoto based company says that it’s processing applications as quickly as possible, so it asks those who’ve signed up to the program to be as patient as possible.

“Due to your enthusiasm for the program, we’re receiving a higher volume of applications to register channels and videos than expected. It is taking longer than we anticipated to confirm the applications. We appreciate your patience as we work through them as quickly as possible.”