Video: Action Movie Kid Gets To Visit Nintendo Of America HQ

YouTube star Action Movie Kid and a bunch of other young YouTubers recently had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Nintendo of America headquarters at Redmond, Washington. The cute video gives you a look inside the building and just goes to show how much more open Nintendo of America is these days.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Survival Guide Part 4: Mining Your Own Business Is Now Live

The Xenoblade Chronicles X Survival Guide part 4 is now live on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. This episode focuses on the Frontiernav, FN site info, and Arms Manufacturers.

This is part 4 of 5, so another should follow shortly. You can watch this episode below:

Video: Famicom R.O.B. Amiibo Unboxing

The Famicom R.O.B. amiibo is a Japan exclusive variation of the original R.O.B. amiibo that was released in September. Unfortunately the Famicom coloured version won’t be coming to stores in the west, and the only way to get your hands on one is to import it from Japan – stock permitting. However, if you want to get a good look at what the Famicom version looks like, Nintendaan has posted an unboxing video over on YouTube.

You can watch the clip below and on Nintendaan’s YouTube channel.

Full Episodes Of Yo-Kai Watch Are Coming To YouTube

Yo-Kai Watch fans can get excited because full episodes of the anime television series are coming to YouTube. Currently there are only clips and recaps of episodes on the Yo-kai Watch Official Channel, but that is going to change soon. Meanwhile, the Yo-kai Watch game is set to launch on November 6 for Nintendo 3DS. It revolves around distinct creatures called Yo-kai, which are invisible to anyone who doesn’t wield a special wristwatch known as the Yo-kai Watch.


Nintendo Launches Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer TV

The Play Nintendo YouTube channel is back with a new Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer TV series. The host is YouTuber Meghan Camarena, and the episodes aim to “grow your skills and get inspired” in all things Happy Home Designer. The videos uploaded on the Play Nintendo channel in the past have generally been aimed at a younger audience, and the first episode in this new series seems to have a similar theme. You can check it out over on Play Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Nintendo has also announced a competition to coincide with the new episodes, you can take a look at the rules and requirements to enter here.


Check Out The Sims: Pokémon Edition

The Sims and Pokémon are two WILDLY different types of role playing games. With that said, YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer didn’t let these differences stop him from combining the two . The crossover has the aesthetics of old-school GameBoy Pokémon game with the gameplay of The Sims. Would you play something like this? Check out the video below!

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Wii U YouTube App Gets An Update

If you regularly use the Wii U YouTube app you might be pleased to learn that it has received an update today. Not a lot has changed visually and you still can’t use the Pro Controller – which is surely one of the most requested features. I know a lot of you prefer using the Wii U web browser for watching YouTube videos and this update probably won’t get you to change your mind. The update is live, right now.

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