YouTube Stars Super Mario Maker Super Creator Challenge

Nintendo is busy ramping up marketing for the release of Super Mario Maker this month and what better way to spread the word than to get some YouTube celebrities such as iJustine and other YouTubers onboard to create the ultimate Super Mario Maker level. There’s five teams and their levels will be posted to YouTube tomorrow and you can vote for which one you believe is the best. You can watch an overview video of the Super Mario Maker Super Creator Challenge, below.


YouTube Gaming Is Now Live

If you are interested in video game streaming then you will probably want to check out YouTube Gaming which went live today. The site is separate from your YouTube homepage and can be accessed at There’s a few people streaming at the moment, so if you want to watch some fast and frantic Black Ops 3 beta action or some Hearthstone streams then go visit the site. There’s also a dedicated YouTube Gaming app for iOS and Android you can download.

YouTube Gaming Will Launch Tomorrow

YouTube has today confirmed that the long-awaited YouTube Gaming will be launching tomorrow. It seems as though the service for streamers will be working in the United States tomorrow, but we are unsure about Europe. YouTube Gaming is extremely similar to Twitch and is a rival service that contains over 25,000 dedicated game pages. The live streaming service will be available tomorrow on the web and as a dedicated app on iOS and Android.


Five Pikachu Will Be Taking Over London This Summer

An army of five Pikachu will be attending the Summer in the City 2015 event in London on August 15th. The event which is held at the Exhibition Centre London is the largest YouTube convention in the United Kingdom and includes creators, fans and a number of brands including Pokemon. You can meet the five Pikachu during the afternoon if you’re attending the informal event.


Check Out This Incredible Mario Kart 8 Themed Nursery

YouTube channel Geeksmithing is at it again and have created a stunning Mario Kart 8 themed nursery complete with anti-gravity karts. If you watch the video you won’t be surprised to find out that this particular project took around a year and a half to complete. To complete the task he had to use several new materials and techniques such as styrofoam sculpting and silicone molding/ resin casting. Be sure to watch the video and check out the stunning results.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

Super Mario Maker Won’t Have YouTube Uploading Like Mario Kart 8

The ability to upload replay videos of Mario Kart 8 directly to YouTube is a pretty nifty feature that provides quite a lot of fun, especially in the form of Luigi death stares. The success of the feature caused Nintendo to extend it to other games like Super Smash Bros., but apparently it won’t be included in the new Super Mario Maker. It might be pretty cool to be able to share videos of the levels you’ve created, but producer of the game, Takashi Tezuka, said they’d rather players play the levels and experience them rather than just watching, which you’re able to do in a sharing feature between friends. Do you think they’ve missed a trick, or is it not that big a deal?

We thought about having YouTube uploading, but it’s not in our game. The reason for that is other than just watching movies of courses, we’d rather players play them and experience them in that way. — Takashi Tezuka

What Are The Most Popular And Unpopular E3 Nintendo Games (According To YouTube Likes)

Even the crew at My Nintendo News freely admit that Nintendo’s 2015 Digital Event @ E3 was not perfect — while some games have been seeing some love, others (as well as Nintendo as a whole) are being raked across the coals. Whether this is a response to the games themselves or a reaction when comparing the Nintendo Event to Sony, Bethesda, and Microsoft’s generally well received conference, Nintendo is getting socially and critically dismembered (prompting a quick apology from Nintendo Japan CEO, Satoru Iwata.)

However, nowhere has this vitriol been seen quite as prevalently as the YouTube videos. After checking the likes and dislikes of each individual announcement, we’ve tallied the popularity of each reveal, from the superstars to the flops. Check out the list below, and let us know whether you agree!

Italics titles are Nindies.
Bold titles are events.
Regular typeface titles are games shown during Nintendo’s Direct.

Popularity — Rated Most to Least Popular (Likes/Dislikes):

  1. Typoman: 99% (745/7)
  2. Earthbound Beginnings: 98% (5406/72)
  3. Freedom Planet: 98% (1180/22)
  4. RIVE: 98% (515/11)
  5. Soul Axiom: 98% (452/8)
  6. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge: 98% (266/6)
  7. Nintendo World Championships 2015: 97% (28454/905)
  8. Super Smash Bros. New Content Approaching: 97% (18918/654)
  9. Fire Emblem Fates: 97% (3324/109)
  10. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero: 97% (1906/50)
  11. Runbow: 97% (743/23)
  12. Nindies@Home: 97% (679/20)
  13. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water: 97% (1248/41)
  14. forma 8: 97% (364/12)
  15. Lovely Planet: 96% (617/25)
  16. Xenoblade Chronicles X: 95% (2381/123)
  17. Yoshi’s Woolly World: 91% (834/83)
  18. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam: 90% (2376/275)
  19. Super Mario Maker: 89% (1382/159)
  20. Star Fox Zero: 84% (3024/546)
  21. FAST Racing Neo: 79% (677/182)
  22. Genei Ibun Roku #FE: 76% (1557/485)
  23. Hyrule Warriors Legends: 73% (858/316)
  24. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: 68% (955/442)
  25. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes: 66% (1085/563)
  26. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash: 64% (426/241)
  27. Yo-Kai Watch: 60% (470/310)
  28. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games: 59% (975/687)
  29. SteamWorld Heist: 55% (364/293)
  30. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash: 53% (1377/1206)
  31. Nintendo Digital Event: 44% (2955/3710)
  32. Skylanders SuperChargers: 23% (507/1668)
  33. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival: 13% (540/3538)
  34. Metroid Prime: Federation Force: 9% (1511/15364)

    *** This list was made on the current statistics of YouTube videos, they are subject to change (and likely have changed already).