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As Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated at E3 the Wii will be able to browse the Web using Opera’s critically acclaimed Internet Browser.

Though what hasn’t been known, is how you actually browse the web with your Wii console. Will Nintendo release a traditional keyboard to allow users to type in urls? Just how is this system going to work.

Well it appears IGN have got a little closer to the truth. Not content with just knowing Operas basic plans, they sat down and grilled Opera for Devices’ executive vice president Scott Hedrick for plenty more information.

One of the questions as expected was centred around the earlier question of how will users be able to navigate around the Opera Browser on their Wii? Scott Hedrick replied with this:

The Wii remote control is an extremely advanced tool. Opera plans to use this to its full advantage and it will provide an intuitive way to surf the Web. Imagine the possibilities in terms of surfing with a motion sensitive remote control. I cannot specifically comment on the lack of keyboard, but many devices running Opera don’t have keyboards, such as the Nintendo DS and feature on-screen keyboards to solve this problem.

Wow, so it looks as though Nintendo aren’t just content with revolutionizing how we play video games, but are now set to revolutionize how we browse the Web, using the Wii. Now if I trust anyone behind creating a browser for the device it’s Opera, whose web browser’s are renowned in the industry for being secure, fast and standards compliant, which ultimately adds up to a great web experience.
Now hands up whose ready to zap a webpage ;)



  1. In all seriousness, I’m certainly looking forward to Opera for the DS. As for the Wii, we’ll have to see just how innovative this new web browsing control method is… otherwise I figure most people will stick with their laptop…

    (Plus text is kind of hard to read on the TV screen usually…)

  2. Yup Opera certainly have a hard task ahead of themselves as they know they have to make this work on a TV screen, and also if usability is an issue then gamers obviously arent going to spend time surfing the new with their Wii consoles but will go back to their PC’s.

    But as I previously stated in the article ‘if I trust anyone behind creating a browser for the device it’s Opera’ and I stand by that. Im sure the company will create a browser that will be both fun to use and also an innovative way to browse the web.

  3. PC’s will always do it better, thats true.

    But if Opera can get the interaction between the user, and its browser’s interface right whilst browsing the web, then surfing the net with a console could for the first time become an enjoyable expierence.

  4. I’ll buy this over the DS version, as It seems better to do it on your TV than on a small three inch screen. I’m intrigued by the statements that they will ‘fully utilize the controller’. hopefully this wont result in an on-screen keyboard.

  5. well.. it’s all fun and games until you need to run Flash 10 webpages… or latest java games… then it’s all downhill from there.. they must have flash 10 if they want this thing to take off!…


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