Nintendo Wii Price And Release Date Announced Before September.


Those of you who are waiting on Nintendo to give imminent details of both the official price, and the release date of their upcoming Wii console will find themselves a little disappointed.

At today's Nintendo business briefing in Tokyo Japan, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that the company will unveil the price and release date for the Wii at the very latest by September.

As always rumors are circulating around the Internet stating that Nintendo are now looking in launch the console in December, just in peak time for the yearly Christmas rush. If this turns indeed turn out to be true then it appears Nintendo will allow Sony a one month head-start on its Playstation 3 console.

Is this the definition of business suicide?

As it stands many people believe the first batch of PlayStation 3 buyers will be 'hardcore gamers', mainly due to the extortionately high price point the machine will retail at. Whatever way you look at it £425 is not wallet friendly, therefore most average familys won't be able to afford to pay this much for a games machine, no matter what Sony decides to label it as.

So where does this leave Nintendo?

Well I believe that in the middle of the Christmas rush, mainstream consumers minds may stray as soon as they see what the machine is capable of doing. You've also got to take into account the machines friendly price point, which is something Nintendo have stated they wanted to achieve from the start.

As always, no one can truly predict just what Nintendo's business strategy is, though the one thing the company has continuously stated is that they are not in direct competition with either Sony or Microsoft. And from seeing the games they revealed at E3, I can also believe that Nintendo are playing in a whole different ball game from its competitors.

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