Apple And Nintendo?


Could Apple the Californian company associated with style and design, and also the infamous I-Pod, have its eyes set on Japanese video gaming giant Nintendo?

Now as we all know, in the world of video gaming anything is remotely possible. Two examples that first come to mind would be;

Now it doesnt take a genius to see just how influential Apple have been recently to Nintendo in terms of the companies recent products; both the Ds Lite and the upcoming Wii. Both consoles ooze Apple's trademark of sleek, sexy and simple, and even the colour schemes match.

Why would Apple wish join forces with Nintendo?

Well recently gaming publication Gamespot posted a rumour that Apple have recently set up a secret video gaming division, which is being set up by none other than Lucasart's Mike Lampell. Apple have apparently formed this video gaming division in hope of creating games for the companies portable Mp3 and video player the I-pod.

Also as we all know, developers track record of making games Apple Mac compatible, has in the past been rather poor. For years Mac owners have suffered the indignity of having to wait six to twelve months for a developer to port across a game from the PC to Apples machine. The result of this is developers and publishers generally decide that only the bigger titles should be ported over.

On a side note at least twice a week we have customers come in-store asking where our Mac games are located, and sadly the answer is we don't really stock any. The only titles I know off that we currently have in-stock which are Mac compatible are Halo and Warcraft. Which, considering the size of our PC section isn't very much.

Now if Apple machines could play Nintendo games, then this problem would be a entirely different story. Although it's widely regarded as unlikely to happen, you could imagine just how much this aquasition could, and would benefit both companys in the long term…


  1. I’ve read two different view points on this story and honestly I don’t see Nintendo selling to anyone if the Wii comes out on top of the console wars. If Nintendo’s newest console actually makes a profit this time around, I don’t see any reason for Nintendo to sell to Apple. Why give the glory away once you reach the top?

  2. I believe the merger is highly unlikely, but I can see why the rumours would have circulated in the first place.

    Apple and Nintendo both have different consumer bases.

    And it appears Nintendo currently wishes to attract the so called ‘I-pod generation’ with it’s next generation console.

    The I-pod name itself is an extremely hot brand and one that’s of course reconized the world over. Nintendo’s new ‘coolness’ factor would then be raised a bar or two if it was associated with it.

    Imagine Nintendo games on the move via your Ipod, and also imagine I-tunes on the Wii two things that could and would benefit both companys.

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