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Believe it or not, there are plenty of benefits of working in a game store.

One of these things is that big name publishers try to 'woo' us with promotional gifts, in order to tickle our fancy so that we give their title more publicity in store. This means that around the ultra busy Christmas period, our staff room can sometimes become awash with promotional joy. This tends to be the time when fellow members of staff no longer become comrades, but become rabid scavengers, scrambling and fighting over the good the bad, and just the plain ugly.

After the all important Christmas period, the amount of promotional gifts we receive die's down. It's then back to the mundane items which we seem to receive on a weekly basis. These gifts tend to be either items of clothing advertising one upcoming title or another, or demo's of upcoming games that the publisher is trying hard to push (EA titles). But yesterday as we occasionally do we received a little gift from a little company called Nintendo, though sadly before you go thinking it, it wasn't a playable Ds Lite…

It was in-fact somehow related to the Ds though, as it turned out to be a rather nice 'baby blue' coloured polo shirt advertising Nintendo's fantastic Brain Training game, which was released here on Friday.

Take a peek:
Polo-shirt (back)

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