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Some of you may remember during E3 that a certain individual, or certain media type's either accidentally, or on purpose, posted the login access for Nintendo's online press room.

Once in the online press room you were treated to the ultimate in Nintendo VIP access, with access to the latest E3 media such as press releases, and screenshots which were all shown at extremely high resolution. Let’s just say it was the place to be for any Nintendo fan during the E3 period.

It appears now that Nintendo are currently inviting members of the public to browse around its press room for a limited time only (June 11th- June 17th). Anyone who hasn’t already done so should certainly follow the link at the bottom of the page, and take some time to snoop around.

Now the question on everybody's lips in why have Nintendo only now decided to allow members of the public access to its online press room? Could it be that Nintendo are planning to release a surge of news regarding its plans for the forthcoming Wii console, that they want everybody to see? It's a question that is going to remain unanswered, until Nintendo provides us all with an explanation.

Nintendo press room


  1. When I clicked your link it said that I need to be US-media and have a password… Any Idea of how I can get in? This is June 15th by the way so it should work.

  2. Yup it should work.

    Ok if any of you are having problems logging in to the site, then use the supplied username and password to get in:

    Username: media
    Password: dslite


    Ps. This information should be on the log-in screen already.

  3. And I wondered to myself “What was the point?”

    There was absolutely nothing there that I didn’t already know or cared about.

  4. As I stated in the article, the reason Nintendo opened the site to the public could possibly be due to the company releasing a shed load of information about it’s upcoming Wii console, that it want’s everyone to know about…


    Scroll down a bit, and read the article about the Press room. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

    BTW, I’ve got my disaster:Day of Crisis editorial on that site. (Yay, sneaky plug)

  6. Ha very sneaky plug ;)

    To be honest the press room dosent hold any ‘new’ news for Nintendo fans, but hopefully as I anticipated, the press-site will host some big news fairly soon.

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