‘Wii Could Support Microtransactions’


Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that publishers will have the option to give gamers 'downloadable premium content' on the company's forthcoming Wii console.

This means that it's entirely possible that gamers will be able to purchase extra items and content in the games they play, which as we've already partially seen with the Xbox 360, can open up a brand new stance on the game you’re currently playing through.

Uses for this system on Microsoft's console appear to be the ability for consumers to purchases extra weapons or new outfits for your in-game character, though of course this is just scraping the surface. Game developers could go a whole yard further and offer bigger expansions to enhance the life of a game considerably. A possibility could be that the game you’re playing could change and play in real time, due to your machine acting like a server using Nintendo's Wiconnect24 service.

A brief example of the scheme reiterated by Fils-Aime is "If you've gotten to a particular part in a game, we could push content out to you, so you get to battle a new boss. Maybe you get a new artifact; maybe you get a new weapon". As was revealed at E3 the Wii has the ability to download content in the background, which clearly offers many new and exciting possibilities of what older and new franchises could provide the consumer with, later this year.

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  1. I know its really usefull because I use xbox live and I get all different kinds of new tracks in racing games , or get my high scores on ninja gaiden , missions in games and so much more.

    If nintendo pull that off the way xbox live works and its free then its garanteed some massive attention like the ds wifi connection . :)

    We could be playing the new animal crossing online if one comesout and then easily get new residents and send mates messages which would be neat .

    Or maybe even go further and dowloade new levels for games like super mario and metroid prime !

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  3. Should work well. As Diogo said, an Xbox Live style service would be excellent to see, but I think that Nintendo will -unfortunately- opt for the simple option and offer some simple services. I like the idea of microtransactions as racing games -Mario Kart, for instance- could be used to download new tracks or characters. Better yet, you could create a track or emblem and upload it to the server, and others could download it and you would get some form of points which could be used in games or to purchase downloadable content.

  4. Yup, there are plenty of ways Nintendo could put this service to use, and the possibilitys are almost endless.

    Though as Calum mentioned it’s likely that the Wiiconnect24 service will be a much simplier version of Microsofts Xbox live. So it’s very likely that we will see a ‘walled garden’ type service.

    It would be great to see Nintendo and other companies releasing ‘quality’ content for a very resonable price. Though hopefully we wont encounter a situation where publishers decide to charge for the simplist, and trivial of things.

    Hopefully Nintendo as expected will lay down some hard guidelines for both the publishers and developers.

  5. Change of username again.

    I wonder if we could see downloadable content on Virtual console games? It would be great to add something new into old games…

  6. Who knows just what Nintendo have planned with its virtual console titles.

    Though of course adding additional content could certainly freshen up some of the older titles.

    Of course Nintendo will be ultra sensitive with what it does with its classic franchises.

    If it did offer any additional content on older titles, I would expect it to be rather minimal.

  7. Perhaps levels that didn’t make it into the final version of the game? That would be quite interesting to see.

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