Japanese Ds Lite Colour Fun


With the hugely anticipated Final Fantasy 3 being released this August in Japan, Square-Enix and Nintendo have teamed up to create a special edition Final Fantasy themed Ds Lite for the titles Japanese launch. Final Fantasy 3 is a 3D remake of the highly regarded Nes title which was released to critical acclaim in 1990. This re-released update is the first time the game has received an official English translation.


It has also been revealed that the Japanese gaming public will be receiving the black and pink Ds Lite consoles. The black Ds Lite which was released by Nintendo for the European Ds Lite launch has been selling neck and neck against its white rival, and is expected to make equally big waves when it launches later on this year in the Far East. The pink Ds Lite is also due to go on sale this year and is widely expected to be this years big Christmas seller, with sales of the original pink Ds still going very strong.



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