The Secrets Of The Wii Controller


Ever the hush-hush company, Nintendo has recently seen a documentation leak which helps goes a long way to revealing just what we can expect from the Wii’s innovative controller.

Firstly for good or for bad the Wii’mote’ will run via two ‘AA’ batteries, this will help power the pointer, and enable the player to interact with their machine. With the two batteries inserted into the back of the Wii’mote’ it should secure the player with approximately 30 hours of battery life if you are purely using the controllers precision aim functionality. If on the other-hand the game you’re playing uses purely the accelerometer, then the Wii’mote’ will function for 60 hours on two ‘AA’ batteries. To help keep interaction flowing between the controller and the television the controller communicates between the player and the console via Bluetooth running on 2.4 GHz band.

Information has also been revealed in regards to the Synchro button which has been discovered under the consoles front flap. The purpose of the Synchro button is to identify the Wii controllers by assigning each controller with a wireless ID number. To explain how this could work – the user would press the Synchro button underneath the front flap on the Wii console, then the user would press the Synchro button thought to be located inside the battery compartment of the Wii’mote’. This would then allow gamers to simultaneously link up their four controllers to the Wii console without any interference between them, therefore securing a hassle free gaming session.

Last but not least one of the more interesting snippets of information which was revealed via the documentation was the inclusion of a ‘possible’ Wii camera embedded within the Wii’mote’, as according to the documents the controller can act much like an eye. This is possible by measuring the coordinates between 0-1023 on the ‘X’ axis and 0-767 on the ‘Y’ axis which in turns means that you’re subsequently receiving a mega-pixel image. Although it is currently unspecified if this data will be used to form a visual image, rumors have long been surfacing about the Wii coming equipt with an inbuilt camera, could this be the final prove we need?

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