Nintendo Ds Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin Box Art Revealed


Some more juicy gossip coming your way, this time from the folk at Gameinformer who managed to corner non-other than the main man for the Castlevania series Koji Igarashi at the recent Comic Con event.

Koji revealed to the online gaming publication just what he wants to achieve with his next installment of the long running, but highly regarded Castlevania franchise. The last Castlevania title for the Nintendo Ds titled Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrows was very well received by press and gaming fans alike, but only if they could get their hands on the often elusive title.

Koji Igarashi also made mention that he has finally decided on the cover-art for the upcoming Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin. Previously the games box art was comprised of art work that was originally intended to be used for a Nintendo Power magazine cover, but it appears that Koji is rather pleased to be able to show off the finalized final box-art for the game that’s set to grace stores next year.


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