Nintendo’s First Quater Profits Soar


Another day, another celebration for Nintendo as the company today announced that its fiscal first quarter profits rose 10 percent, due to the increasingly popular demand for the handheld sensation; the Ds Lite.

Generated net income for the company rose to a spectacular 15.6 billion yen, which roughly equates to $134 million. In comparison the previous year only saw the company’s generated net income at 14.1 billion yen. Nintendo in retaliation to the news then decided to increase its annual profit forecast to 83 billion yen, which was previously estimated at 65 billion yen.

Demand for the system has been so high in fact that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated that Nintendo generally delivers between 100,000 and 150,000 Ds Lites to retailers on Sundays, once the retailers receive these batches they then usually sell out on the same day almost every week.

Nintendo shares today on the Osaka Securities Exchange raised 1.4 percent to 20,840 yen, which is shows a radical increase of 46 percent. With sales of the company’s portable gaming device the Ds Lite still growing strong, and the company set to release its boundary breaking Wii console to consumers later this year, the future looks set to be nothing but bright for the Kyoto-based gaming company.



  1. Ha it does indeed ;)

    Considering how much of risk Nintendo took with the Ds, and all the quality titles available for the machine, I’d say they most certainly deserve it.

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