Red Steel: The Most Expensive Third Party Launch Title


If there is one game that perfectly captures the potential of the Wii’mote’, it would have to be Red Steel.

Ubisoft and Nintendo clearly have high hopes of grandeur for this katana wielding title, as the aforementioned company’s look set to be pumping an excessive amount of money into the game. Reports are gathering that this title alone is set to become the most expensive third party Wii launch title. In-fact it appears that the development budget for the first person shooter/slash ’em up has totaled up to a rather impressive 10 million Euros ($12.7M or £6.8 million). Which when put in comparison with other titles, these development costs are said to be almost double of a standard third party developed title for the Wii.

This information was made publicly available via a French radio interview, which alas was conducted by none other than Ubisoft’s Montreal team. The dev team also made mention of Red Steels single player game, stating that gamers can expect there to be roughly thirteen hours worth of gameplay in the finished title. This is certainly one third party title that Nintendo have been watching very closely, and the press alike. If Ubisoft can give users that feeling of immersion and interactivity whilst providing them with interesting set pieces, then this title will certainly give some of the first party titles a run for their money come the launch later this year.



  1. It certainly is.

    Out of all the third party launch titles we have seen, this one seems to be attracting by far the most attention – and rightly so.

    I’m sure it is on most prospective Wii owners launch list, alongside titles such as Zelda: Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime: Corruption.

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