Stunning Launch Line-up For The Wii


It appears that Nintendo and its third party developers are still on track to deliver an unprecedented number of launch titles for the company’s forthcoming Wii console.

With 27 titles already confirmed to be launching with the machine, it appears that Nintendo has finally got its act together in approaching and coaxing both large and small developers to launch already established, or new IPs on the console. Thankfully it appears this situation didn’t prove to be as bigger problem as previously thought, mainly due to the machines highly successful showing at this years E3 event in Los Angele’s.

Previous launches for Nintendo consoles have generally attracted a reasonable lack of third party support, with Nintendo itself providing the majority of the launch titles, in house. The Wii though is set to become an exception to this rule, with 23 of the expected 35 launch titles coming from external third party publishers and developers, with development houses such as Ubisoft and Sega amongst others, providing numerous titles to keep prospective Wii owners happy.

In the past Nintendo have been extremely reliant on the adjective ‘quality and quantity’ and as a rule, have always chosen the former. Though this has generally provided the company with less launch titles than their competitors, it has helped provide gamers with trend setting titles which occasionally shake up the genre they’re representing so hard, that other developers find it extremely difficult to better them. Let’s just hope that Nintendo with its fresh new outlook can still find a fine balance between ‘quality and quantity’.



  1. Sure its great having a huge list of games at launch; but how many of them will actually be worth buying? There’s a lot there that just looks awful. Blazing Angels is supposed to be terrible on the 360 and PC, then theres’ the film tie-ins.
    But it doesn’t matter too much if theres’ going to be a few decent titles there – it certainly looks like there’s more than a few good titles.

  2. Exactly, with any console launch there are always a few dud titles and as you said this launch is no exception with titles such as Blazing Angels and Spongebob.

    But to the average consumer, seeing this kind of support on launch day for a Nintendo machine could well persuade them to make that final purchasing decision.

  3. Yeah definitely; although it does seem that the games drought after the launch will be even bigger with the Wii. Of course that all depends on when Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros are released.

  4. Hence the reason why Nintendo should hold back releasing Mario Galaxy for launch, and retain their commitment of releasing it within six months of the Wii launch.

    I do believe there will be a slight drought after launch, but that isn’t going to last too long due to numerous developers now wishing to now release titles on the Wii.

  5. Wow. I almost forgot about the Virtual Console aspect of the Wii for a brief moment. Definitely should help keep gamers occupied with some classic titles.

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