Diet Training For Nintendo Wii


One of Nintendo’s aims for the next generation is to help entice more non-gamers to the fold, a branch of society that’s currently missing out on one of the most enjoyable and interactive entertainment mediums ever – Video games.

We have seen the company release an array of non-typical titles for its ever popular Nintendo Ds format, titles such as Brain Training and Nintendogs are both games that appeal to more than just your average video gamer. It therefore comes as no surprise that Nintendo wish to carry on producing games of this variety for its forthcoming Wii console.

Reports of a new addition to the Touch Generations series are currently doing the rounds on the Internet, with the new addition set to be none other than a dieting game for weight conscious consumers. Though not much is known about the game, it has been said that the title has received the green light by authoritative personnel at Nintendo. Could this be the start of a dieting revolution for overweight consumers? Only time will tell…



  1. I wonder if the game will feature a dsembodie head like Dr Kawashima. God, I hope its’ the Fat Fighters woman from Little Britain… “Get off the chair.. YOU FAT GIT!” Brilliant!!

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